Bad Taste (1987)


RATING: 3.5/5


Before Lord of the Rings and King Kong (2005), there was Bad Taste, Peter Jackson’s first feature-length film. The film is about aliens coming down to a New Zealand town, who see humans as fast food. It’s up to four highly-trained and wacky men to put a stop to them. This movie is crazy, ridiculous, and insane, with a side of blood, lots of it.

Released in 1987, this is a film that was made in the span of 4 years with a very low budget of around $25,000. Jackson basically grabbed whatever tools he had and the people he would work with to make this film possible. I believed it paid off until the end.

The way that this movie is filmed, in terms of cinematography, makes one captivated into the situations going on. It made the atmosphere all surreal and you couldn’t look away from it. That is one of the things that makes this movie intriguing. Now granted it can be all over the place in terms of movement, but it’s cool to look at.

If you are not a fan of seeing a drop of blood, don’t watch it. There is plenty of blood splatter and gore to keep a horror fan satisfied. The four men are killing the aliens in such creative and hilarious ways. You have one scene where a man is apparently tough as steel, because he survives a cliff fall. In that he chipped the back of his head revealing his brain matter. So he comes with the nifty solution to keep it firmly tight by wearing a hat or tying a belt around his head. You have a scene where a body gets ripped in half splattering intestines all over the area, an alien eating a half-decapitated head, a sheep getting blown by a bazooka, the list goes on.

Of course with the ridiculousness going on there needed to be a comedy, to which this film has plenty of. The four men offer funny lines of dialogue and their way of handling the alien menace is humorous. The aliens are as well funny in that the leader is so enthralled in the plan to take over, though sucking at it. As his species is probably the easiest alien race to defeat.

The aliens themselves are pretty cool. They are stereotypical in terms of their design, but at the same time there is a uniqueness to it that makes one know where this alien is from. Apparently, Peter Jackson liked it so much that you probably get 5-10 seconds of uninterrupted alien butt cheeks on the screen.

If I do have complaints with this movie, is that it does jump right into the action near the beginning. Already the aliens have killed nearly all residents of this one town. One also doesn’t get to know the characters on a deeper level. But this film wasn’t meant to be deep, this was meant to thoroughly entertain and gross you out.

So yes, this is an outrageous movie at that. I do recommend it, especially in seeing Peter Jackson’s early start in filmmaking. If one wants to see the creative process behind the film, watch this video below.

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