Meet the Feebles (1989)




The craziness continues with Peter Jackson’s second feature-length film. This is a movie that was originally supposed to be a television series, but investors from Japan suggested it be better off as a movie.

Compared to “Bad Taste,” Meet the Feebles is a little more disgusting, ludicrous, perverted, and more raunchy. The plot of this movie concerns a group of performers in a stage show. It basically goes a day in certain characters lives as they all try to get a show done perfect. Now a majority of the characters are not likable at all, there’s a handful that were decent enough. But to be honest, that is not totally a bad thing; as it was a thrill watching these anthropomorphic puppet animals do the nasty.

You have a drug addict frog name Wynyard, who is constantly asking for drugs from this sleazy and dirty rat character named Trevor. On top of being a junkie, he also takes the position of being a knife-thrower for the show. To which that goes the direction one would see coming. As he accidentally kills a volunteer with a knife-throw, but the director of the show doesn’t mind as he just wants the next act to come forward. There is a segment where it dives into the history of the character in the Vietnam War. Even though it is a little long, it does provide context for why he is acting the way he is in the present.

There is Bletch, the Walrus producer of “Meet The Feebles,” who of course only cares about money and drugs that dissolve any living thing to acid. You have a rabbit who is terrified upon hearing he has AIDS, a disgusting fly eating crap, Trevor getting advantage of women and making a porno as a side job, an elephant refusing to believe his elephant-chicken mutant hybrid child is his, jizz coming from an anteater’s nose, etc.

There is Heidi the Hippo who is probably the most tragic character in the movie. There is another segment where it goes into the history of her character. She started off as a club singer who dreamed of being big in the world, but the show she participates in takes a dangerous toll on her health and well-being. All thanks to her untrustworthy and dirty boyfriend Bletch. By the end of the movie, you feel sorry for what she is going through, especially when she starts gunning down the whole stage killing almost everyone.

Now granted there is raunchy and gross-out scenes in here, but some of it did feel forced. In that they were added in just for the sake of being gross. For example, the disgusting scene with the anteater was pretty unnecessary. A majority of the film takes place in the behind-the-scenes areas of the show, but there are scenes where it does take place outside. I wish there were more scenes like this, as I wanted to see if the rest of the puppet world is just as looney in the head as the performers.

The film near the beginning introduces Robert, a hedgehog who has the same ambition as Heidi. But his storyline is pretty cliche. Now granted it’s good to get nice characters in this dark comedy, but it wasn’t played out well.

Just like with “Bad Taste,” the puppet design of the characters are unique where one could recognize where they came from. The animatronics of the puppets were good, as they provided a nice deal of emotions and expressions.

I do love how this film at the very end of the credits had the nerve to say that no puppets were harmed in the making of this.

This a film that definitely wouldn’t have been made in today’s world. I thought this was entertaining from beginning to end. It takes risks and goes all the way with its ideas which I like. Now it’s not as bloody or gory as “Bad Taste,” but it’s still ridiculous enough where I still highly recommend it. If you are up for it that is.

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