Braindead or Dead Alive (1993)

brain dead movie poster - e of the best zombie films made Granted it s also one of the



Braindead or Dead Alive, is Peter Jackson’s third major movie. Released in 1993, the film regards a rat-monkey creature being transported to New Zealand. To which it bites the mother of the main character of Lionel, turning her into an undead monster. From there chaos ensues as it’s up to Lionel to put a stop to the zombie outbreak.

The ludicrously and ridiculousness of these films continue, to a point where this is the peak. This movie has reached a point up so far up that it can’t possibly be reached again. I was practically speechless at what was happening on screen. My eyes were glued on permanently.

I have no clue where to start. The first thing I guess I should probably start with is that the film starts off in “Skull Island.” That’s right, the same island that King Kong resides in. I thought that was really cool, coming from a giant monster and kaiju fan. So in some strange way, Kong might very well exist in this world of Braindead. Fascinating.

The character of Lionel is trying so desperately to hide zombies in his home. So he goes to a doctor who’s lab coat is torn on his arm sleeve, revealing him to be secretly a Nazi. He tries to keep the undead under control with tranquilizers, but that doesn’t go well obviously. Two zombies begin making out and are able to produce an adorable little gremlin baby. Lionel, while outside in public, tries keeping the baby under control by punching him and smacking him around.

Lionel’s mother, Vera, turns from a normal-looking rotten corpse into a huge naked-heavily deformed zombie queen by the end. There’s a Kung-Fu fighting priest. He does some great work on the zombies delivering round-house kicks, tornado kicks, all the amazing stuff. There is Lionel’s Uncle Les, who is a complete sleazeball who you just want to see die as the outbreak begins. But at the same time, he kicks a lot of butt when he is hacking up zombies left and right.

Now speaking of the outbreak, hell breaks lose times 1000 and beyond. You have people everywhere getting killed in such glorious and extremely bloody ways. There is a zombie where it’s entrails come to life. It actually starts praying moments before being killed. A man is still alive as it’s lower body is completed ripped to bare bone. A zombie has a gnome as a head. Limbs, heads, and bodies are flying everywhere as Lionel rips them to shreds with a lawnmower.

All of this happened due to a mother being too close to the monkey-rat cage.

I would like to know how many pounds of fake blood were used. The practical effects used in the movie were all great. The comedy was all really good and the action was very entertaining. It is pretty funny in that the music especially early on is sweet and heartwarming. Which totally juxtaposes to the unreal circumstances as the movie goes. The actors in the movie did great at keeping a straight and sane face with all of the stuff going on.

So yeah, this is the most insane movie I’ve seen a very long time. I highly recommend it if you haven’t seen it. This is one of the best horror movies I have seen. Sorry if this review was all over the place, but that’s how this movie was. To which I loved it.

Once again, I can’t believe the guy who did Lord of the Rings and the King Kong remake, made these kinds of movies.

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