Halloween (2018)


RATING: 2.5/5


Halloween (2018) is a sequel to the original Halloween movie that came out in 1978. Taking place 40 years later, Michael Myers is back at terrorizing the people of Haddonfield, Illinois. But Laurie Strode, played by Jaime Lee Curtis, is better prepared this time and wishes to stop him once and for all.

This film, much like “The Predator,” are disappointments. In that, they are movies that have been marketed as saying they wish to take it back to the roots of the original film. Now granted Halloween (2018) is better than “The Predator” because at least the creators of this movie had their heart in the right place for the most part.

This movie is riddled with many horror/slasher film cliches, while mixed in with really good things. Let’s start off it that.

The opening credits were very reminiscent of the original. The glowing orange text to the right with the pumpkin on the side, though only this time it’s inflating like a balloon for some odd reason. But the Halloween theme playing in the background got me excited.

Speaking of the music, the utilization of the theme and other musical cues were used very appropriately. They were used at the right moment and time. It wasn’t like the Rob Zombie film where the theme would be played every five minutes and it would get repetitive very fast. Now while there were moments of those sounds playing, there were many where there wasn’t. I like there wasn’t any music in the background when it came to setting up the atmosphere or a potential kill. It makes the film that more eerie and unsettling.

The cinematography I thought was good. There was a great tracking shot showing Michael killing an old lady and he continued walking on the streets until it ends with him killing another. There were also subtle moments where if you look closely, you can see Michael in the background. Which this is pretty creepy too as it doesn’t feel forced, it seemed natural.

Michael Myers was great in the film, being the quiet killer that he is. The mask design is very cool and one could tell it has definitely aged in the past 40 years. His scenes were similar to the original where he would just stalk on the streets as an ordinary trick or treater. He delivers some good kills which were satisfying.

Jaime Lee Curtis as Laurie Strode was also great in the film. Her feeling of paranoia and the fear of Michael returning was felt throughout. You can tell she won’t rest until Michael is down. The family dynamic that she has with her daughter and granddaughter was good.

Now for the bad, as mentioned before the movie is filled with horror cliches or things that don’t make sense.

The one thing that I’m still scratching my over is the doctor playing the new Dr. Loomis, who all of a sudden turns evil due to his obsession with studying Michael. It comes out of nowhere and ends with him getting killed by Michael, shocker. Though it does lead to a gruesome death with his head exploding due to Michael’s led foot he apparently has.

A lot of the other characters are not that good, they’re just there to get killed for the most part. The film has two podcasters wanting to research the incident 40 years prior, but I feel you could have written them out and it would have been fine. There’s no point in their scenes other than Michael wanting to get his classic mask back.

The dynamic and relationship between Laurie Strode and her daughter, played by Judy Greer, was good, but it could have been expanded upon. I wanted to see the life those two went through especially with Laurie’s state of mind since her vicious encounter.

The last act of the film is Laurie confronting Michael in a setting specifically designed by her to get the drop on Michael. It is cool and it does offer some suspense, but the end is kind of dissatisfying. In that it’s pretty much sequel bait. Michael is trapped in the basement, which gives Laurie time to light a flare and set the whole house on fire. You never see Michael while this house is burning. So it’s pretty clear that he escaped somehow, some way.

In terms of the story itself as a whole, it borrows heavily from Terminator 2. A woman protagonist who fought a monster in the past, is now a badass and wants to kill the same evil in the sequel.

The title of the film is terrible by the way. We don’t need three films, including this one, to have the same title.

This movie should have been better, especially with the really good aspects it contains. If they would have cut down on the cliches and fix parts of the story, we could have got something.

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