Veronica (2017)


RATING: 3.5/5


Veronica is a horror film released in Spain, directed by Paco Plaza. The story deals with a teenager named Veronica who gets involved with Ouija board activities with her classmates. These activities lead to an evil spirit terrorizing Veronica and she does her best to send it away.

Seeing this movie being marketed as the “scariest horror movie ever” peaked my interest immediately upon looking at reactions. Now right out the gate, this is not the scariest horror movie I’ve seen. I have clearly seen scarier films than this movie. But, I still think this was pretty good.

The film definitely has come creep value to it. I don’t believe there weren’t any jump-scares which were a big plus. It was good just to let the atmosphere give the chills. There wasn’t any shaky cam when intense stuff happened especially in the end. There were some long shots to get better enveloped in the world. In particular, a scene that stood out to me was when the shot was going 360 degrees all around. It showed the reactions of Veronica and her three siblings while the evil spirit was in the background making all sorts of noise.

There are also subtler moments with the spirit in the background moving while the main protagonist does something in the foreground. There is a scene where the little brother is talking to Veronica about his encounter with the spirit and on the ground, there is a drawing depicting the spirit. Though granted this probably doesn’t mean anything substantial but it is something that caught my eye as the camera was panning up to Veronica.

There are dream sequences in a few parts where it does legitimately trick you into thinking its real life. The film does a good job making one feel they are losing their mind while this spirit is in the house.

The character of Veronica was good I thought. I liked how resourceful she was throughout. Her reactions of when creepy things happen do look real to a point where you do feel sympathy towards her. Especially in these situations where there are three kids near her. The kids were good too. As they talked like real kids and they cared for Veronica in times of extreme need. There is a blind priest, Sister Death, who was pretty cool at describing the evil to Veronica in the school basement.

I kind of like the fact that this is loosely based on true events. I think that really adds something to make the movie a bit more unnerving.

Now the story itself isn’t bad, it’s just pretty basic. The film is basically a standard possession movie that doesn’t go into the deep stuff. It taps on it some parts but it doesn’t dive in deeper to what it truly means. The subplot of Veronica reaching out to his dead father should have been the main focus, instead some other random evil spirit causing havoc.

The evil spirit itself, visually is uninspired and very cliche. There is no backstory for what the spirit is exactly and what it wants from the family.

Veronica’s friends and mother are pretty much there. They don’t add anything to the film.

This is a movie that I feel was overhyped. This is very far from the best horror films that I have seen. But even with the pretty basic premise, this is one I still recommend watching.

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