[🔴REC] (2007)




Directed by the same director of “Veronica,” Paco Plaza, REC is about a local tv crew who are tasked to record the night of two firemen doing their jobs. A call comes in late at night and things take a turn when the situation there are dealing with it, is bigger than they realize.

A pretty decent found footage and zombie movie in my eyes. This is a rather short movie, clocking in at around 1 hr and 15 minutes. It’s one of those things that comes and goes; something that you might not remember all too much about. That’s not to say there weren’t any good things to talk about.

The setting of the movie mainly takes place in an apartment building, which I liked. It gives the feeling of claustrophobic fears and it makes the situations happening more thrilling. The close quarters make one feel they are indeed trapped. Especially in the scenes where the characters have to run up and down the stairs avoiding the zombies.

There are good scares and surprises at certain points. As there were times I did jump a bit. Along with the good scares, there was some suspense in the film, particularly in the end. The two tv crew people were trying to keep quiet in the apartment penthouse while a zombie was mere feet away. A good amount of thrilling moments are in here. As mentioned before, the claustrophobic environment meant you were not going far if a zombie chased you.

There is a scene where the camera looks all the way down to the apartment bottom. To which all the zombies are below running up the stairs. This is a good example of one of those thrilling moments.

In terms of what is causing the zombie outbreak, I found the backstory to be intriguing in some respect. A scientist was working on experiments to find a scientific explanation of demonic possession for the Vatican. I liked that a possible reason for possessions was that it’s all viral and it could be an illness of sorts. Though of course, this movie exaggerates that idea.

But with those good aspects, everything was pretty cliche in my book. With the good scares, there is a good number of jump scares which pissed me off.

The characters in the movie are not that memorable moments. While the acting was good, that still doesn’t help make the characters stand out in any way. There is a segment in which the tv crew goes to interview each one of the apartment residents. It was nice to see some background info on apartment life and how the outbreak began with subtle hints/clues.

The characters also do typical horror film bad decisions which were a little annoying.

For example, there are moments when a character gets too close to a seemingly calm zombie. A normal person would just outright shoot it in the head, but no they walk up to it and get bit in the process. People are trying to help those who have been bit, but the best case scenario is to just leave them. The police only send one medical examiner to access the situation instead of sending troops in to kill every zombie in the apartment.

There was one unintentionally funny scene where the group suspects that a mother’s child is infected. The mother is in complete denial and doesn’t want to believe it. Then all of a sudden, the child bites the mother’s face and runs up the stairs.

So yes, this movie was alright in my opinion. I know this is highly praised, but this an example of one where I don’t particularly see the hype in. As mentioned, the film is really short and I’ll probably forget about it in a few days.

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