V/H/S Viral (2014)




Released in 2014, VHS Viral is the third and final film in the VHS horror anthology series.

Now I have watched the previous two VHS movies, to which I thought were pretty good. Both films took the found-footage genre into some interesting directions. It provided captivating ways to make a person get invested into the story, instead of just someone frantically holding a camera around. There is a person having an artificial eye, body-cams, web-cams, etc. These filming tactics are also backed up, for the most part, with some very cool and entertaining stories.

This third film fails the most in all of those aspects mentioned. There are three stories in this film. Which is very good, considering the fact that all three aren’t all that great and the story in between the three is not good in the slightest.

I will say the only one of the three stories that was “entertaining” was the one where the man goes into the portal entering into another evil dimension. This is a dimension where people have killer genitalia, no joke. I like this one seeing that it looked like the creators were going back to the original two films roots. Also, this was the only story that looked to be ACTUALLY filmed from a camera.

In terms of the other two, they either ranged from just very boring or very goofy. The very first story involves a magician using a cloak to garner magic and commit various murders. The whole segment is not being filmed at all, which makes me wonder why they chose to film this way if most of it is being filmed with regular movie cameras. But this was the boring one, nothing interesting to say much here.

The third and final story was the goofiest of all of them. It involves skaters fighting against living skeletons in robes and evil ritual people. The ridiculous comes when the skaters use their skateboards and fireworks to blow them up. On top of that, the skaters are cursing and flipping them off. You have one short part where one of the living skeletons flips the bird. But much like with the first one, a vast majority of this story was filmed using regular movie cameras. Though granted it looked to be half and half, but still.

The editing of this movie was a bit out of control at times. It seems the creators wanted to crank that black and white static/fuzz effect to the max. It was happening a lot especially when it cuts to the main story of the boyfriend trying to save his girlfriend from an evil ice cream truck. There is also no real transition into any of the three stories, they all just pop up at random. In the original two, there is someone putting a VHS tape into a VCR, which lets the audience know that the next story is coming. In this movie, it is really jarring or disoriented when one comes up.

This was a pretty short review, but honestly, there’s not much to say here. This was a very bad movie. Do I recommend it? If you want to see how the series ends maybe, otherwise stay away.

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