Paranormal Activity (2009)




The film deals with a boyfriend and girlfriend who are being bothered by some entity in their house.

This is my first viewing of the first movie from this successful horror franchise. I have seen 2-4, but not the one that started it all. Honestly, I thought it was very average.

I have to say my favorite moments of the film are when nothing is going on in a certain part of the house while the camera is on. This includes the famous scenes, as shown in the poster, where the camera is situated in the bedroom. Those parts where the door is slightly moving, the bed sheets being removed, all those little things I enjoyed watching.

Even some of the bigger moments I liked too. The girlfriend being dragged out of the bed and the boyfriend being flung toward the camera. I thought those moments were pretty effective.

In terms of the characters in the movie, there were all around fine. I didn’t particularly care too much for their safety or what happened to them in the end. Especially since the boyfriend was trying to be “responsible” and handle the ghost/demon all by himself. For most of the time, he just wants to get a good shot of the entity with the camera. At the same time, the boyfriend doesn’t want to listen to his girlfriend and do the right thing, which is to call an exorcist as soon as possible before he left the country.

There is a psychic character that comes in the house two times in the film. I have to say the second scene, where he steps in to feel a strange presence and immediately leaves, was pretty funny for some reason. I kind of reminded me of the parody movie “A Haunted House.” The fact that this well-trained psychic was quickly set off and then bounced in less than a minute was something.

I do like that the psychic says to the couple to not get angry, as the entity will feast on negative energy. Surprise surprise, the couple start to get into arguments after about a week or so.

The acting was ok. Though I could tell that this is clearly acting and the actors are not doing well at replicating real-life conversations.

As talked about previously, it was fun seeing things move in the background. But at the same time, it was pretty cliche and nothing special happening up until the last act of the movie. Also with that, there were some unnecessary jump scares at times.

I haven’t seen 2-4 in a long time and I haven’t seen the others, but I will get a chance to review them when the time comes in the future. But all in all, this was alright. There are some good creepy things in here, though the lack of investment makes it a little hard to really care what’s happening.

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