CREED II (2018)




The sequel to “Creed” released in 2015, this movie continues the journey of Adonis Creed’s personal life and boxing career. Both of these things will be challenged to the limit when something from the past comes back to haunt him.

This is a movie that follows the same formula as with all sequels. You know the story very well and it is pretty predictable. But nonetheless, this is still a very good follow-up.

Michael B. Jordan is once again great in the role of Adonis Creed. He sells in his performance and you truly feel the pain he is going through. Not only with Ivan Drago and his son coming to challenge him, but also with him struggling with his relationship with all of the other characters.

He is having arguments with Rocky and his mother about whether or not he should take this fight. There is also the scenes where he wants to marry his girlfriend Bianca and the fact of her being pregnant. Again, his performance works in that you grow to care for him deeply.

Bianca Creed, played by Tessa Thompson, was really good as well. You also feel great sorrow for her character especially when she realizes her baby has the same hearing problems as her. You want her and Creed to get through the struggles they’re dealing with ease.

Now talking about the two legends themselves, both Sylvester Stallone and Dolph Lundgren did a pretty good job in terms of performance and the roles they play. Stallone is struggling with working with a hot-headed Creed and also having trouble to reconcile with his son he hasn’t seen in many years. Lundgren still looks intimidating in this movie, though thankfully he isn’t silly or over the top as in Rocky 4. But his scenes also give a sense of sorrow for not only him, but for his son Viktor. This is a family that has lost everything ever since the Rocky fight and they’re trying desperately to recapture those glory days.

In the original Creed, the fight in the middle was the main highlight in terms of artistic perspective. In that the whole fight displayed no cuts and it was all in one shot, which was very impressive. They’re isn’t anything like that in this, but the fast cutting of the fight scenes are still entertaining. On top of that, the film utilizes some slo-mo to make the audience feel the heavy punches and it works effectively. You feel those punches to the face and feel the bones cracking.

Now with every Rocky movie, there needs to be montage scene and it is still very cool seeing. You feel pumped up watching it and it makes you want to go out to do some workout as well.

In terms of the plot itself, like I said it is pretty predictable and you know beat for beat what is going to happen. Creed wants to take the fight so badly and he doesn’t want to listen to reason from either Rocky or his mother. He “loses” his first fight with Viktor Drago and then you have scenes afterward showing him trying to reclaim his life around. There is the montage scene of him working harder than he has been before. Then in the end, he of course wins the last fight. So yes you know very well what exactly is going happen in this movie before seeing it.

One thing that I would wish could have been better was with Viktor Drago and the relationship he has with his father. There wasn’t whole lot of development with him. The thing I would fix was have Ivan be an overbearing father who is so hard at trying to get his son to be the very best. Then Viktor would be a son that would be resentful and he is not fond of his father torturing him with nonstop training. I think this would been better executed in terms of making you care not only for Ivan Drago, but for both him and his son.

Last thing I want to say for his first big movie, I think that Steven Caple Jr. did a really nice job here. I’m looking forward to see what next big project he will do in the future.

Like I mentioned before, this movie, while predictable, is still very enjoyable throughout. Not only in just in its fight scenes, but this film also delivers plenty of heartfelt emotion that makes care very much for the characters. While I prefer the first one, Creed 2 is still a solid follow-up and it is one that is definitely worth checking out.

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