Robin Hood (2018)




Robin Hood (2018) is the latest film adaption of the particular character. Only this time, filmmakers believed that the best direction for this movie was to have this be more cool and modern-like than previous iterations. Not only be cooler, but also have Marvel influences and have similarities with the movie “Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time.”


I don’t believe I need to explain the plot of this because it is so predictable that one could easily guess it. In fact, let me give you a little rundown of it.

  • The main character is escorted away from his home life/girlfriend to enlist in the army, but he feels bad at leaving it all behind. But he goes anyway. CHECK!
  • After four years of fighting in the army, Robin believes that war/fighting must be…bad. CHECK!
  • Robin saves Jaime Foxx who becomes his black, sidekick friend for the movie. CHECK!
  • The girlfriend gets a new boyfriend during those four years. CHECK!
  • Robin is a dick whenever the new boyfriend is around him. CHECK!
  • Everyone doesn’t know who Robin is behind the mask, except for the girlfriend. CHECK!
  •  The bland, gray bad guy gets killed at the end. CHECK!
  • The boyfriend becomes the new bad guy all because his heart was broken. CHECK!
  • An abrupt ending leaving room for more fabulous and entertaining sequels. CHECK!

I would post more, but I think you can figure it out from this list.

None of the characters in the movie are that interesting or compelling to begin with. The only character in this movie I kind of enjoyed watching was Jaime Foxx, but he wasn’t in the movie for long which was a shame. But even then, he still wasn’t interested in the slightest. One could tell who the girlfriend is just because of the amount of cleavage she gives off for 90% of the movie. Got to get that 12-year old boy demographic I suppose. Also, she’s the only pretty girl in this movie. One doesn’t latch onto Robin for it doesn’t seem like he went on any life-changing journey.

The action was nothing special. It was all quick cuts and fast editing which made it tough to figure out what was going on. The only action sequence I sort of enjoyed was nearing the end of the second act when Robin was fighting during the horse/chariot race. Now I say sort of because there were very bad green screens in the backgrounds, which takes you out of it. Along with heavy dose of CGI.

There was a couple shots that I noticed right before the climax, where the resolution of the camera resembled that of CCTV footage. It looked fuzzy and out of place compared to the rest of the movie. I don’t know its just something I noticed clearly.

Now the direction that this movie took for “Robin Hood” is my biggest problem. Giving a modern edge and more cool look to a character like this is totally unnecessary. This is basically “Hawkeye: The Movie,” but in a bad way of course. Speaking of Hawkeye, there is plenty of Marvel references in here.

Robin Hood is Hawkeye, the girlfriend reminded of Black Widow since she wore black/red, Jaime Foxx can either be War Machine/Falcon, and you have one bald dude towards the beginning that reminded of Kingpin. They kept cutting to that character but he served no important purpose for the movie. I thought maybe it would be the main bad guy, but no, he’s just there.

One thing that I mentioned was that this movie reminded me of “Prince of Persia.” Both movies have fast editing, uninspired action, heavy dose of CGI, and are trying to be really cool/edgy, but fail in those departments. Robin Hood is Jake Gyllenhaal, the girlfriend closely resembles the princess, Jaime Foxx can be the black dude that throws knives, and you have that priest/Christian character in this that looks very similar to Alfred Molina’s character. On top of all of this, almost everyone sucks at trying to deliver a foreign accent. While these are very similar and pretty bad, I would much rather  watch “Prince of Persia” three times in a row over “Robin Hood.”

One last thing about the direction of the movie. During Robin’s army battles, the way he and his other comrades dress reminded of soldier uniforms. Seriously, a swap or two of their clothing and putting a gun in any of the bowman’s hands would make you think you’re not watching “Robin Hood.” But rather “Call of Duty: Robin Hood.”

So yes, I do not recommend this movie at all. This was very bad, although it did warrant a few laughs of how ridiculous it can be. But nonetheless, nothing about this was entertaining and I doubt you’ll find any joy from this. Except for the lady in my theater that clapped in a few scenes, but I digress.

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