The Final Wish (2018) Review


RATING: 2.5/5


“The Final Wish” is a film which portrays a lawyer who is called back to his hometown due to his father passing away. It is shortly after the death, that strange things begin to occur throughout.

The movie is made by the same people who were involved with the “Final Destination” franchise and its plot/story does have similar elements to those. In that instead of Death creatively killing off the characters, it’s an urn/Jinn that is creatively killing off the characters, due to the holder of the artifact making wishes.

This film did have some promise and a unique story to tell, but it just came off pretty average.

In terms of the actors and performances, its hit and miss. The best performances come from the best actress and best actor, Lin Shayne and Tony Todd. Shayne does great at playing the mother dealing with a recent loss. Todd does a great job at being the one to explain the mysterious circumstances that are happening around the main characters. Even though he is only in the movie for 5 minutes, it was really cool to see him regardless. The character of Aaron, played by Michael Welch, was good in the film as well. He does have a good arc from the beginning up until the very end. He started off someone who didn’t realize he was causing more harm than good when he visits to patch things up shortly after his fathers’ death. By the end, Aaron believes it is a good idea to rid of himself entirely from existence so that his mother and the rest can live happier lives without him.

The rest of the characters are not too memorable and the acting from them can be dodgy. The main lead girl I thought looked too attractive for the role. That’s when I shortly realized that she has a modeling career, which explains that. But in any case, this seemed like a miscast in my eyes. The Jinn itself, whenever it makes an experience, it is always loud, obnoxious, and it is shoved right into the camera. Thus not giving enough time to get a good look at the monster itself. The design of the monster too is uninspired and doesn’t offer any uniqueness.

The cinematography in the movie was really good. There are nice wide shots of the exterior of the house and countryside. There are a few high-angle shots of a car driving which were pretty cool. Some of my favorite scenes were whenever its night time and the camera was pointed at the outside of the house, with only a few lights from the inside shining. These type of shots created a unique and cool atmosphere to the movie. It lets the audience get absorbed into the environment, which is something that this film does nicely.

In terms of the horror and scare factor, as I mentioned the scenes that featured the Jinn were loud and over the top. But for the rest, there are quite a few jump scares which were annoying also. There is some creep value, but it is sparse.

The pacing in the first half felt slow and it seemed like it was all over the place with the film jumping from one location to the next. Once the film reaches the halfway point, I feel like that’s when the movie decided to go into the dangers of the urn all of a sudden. It seemed like a different movie started entirely. The urn is never mentioned previously except for a couple forced lines of dialogue where Aaron’s stoner friend mentions that the artifact looks spooky.

Speaking of the urn, now in terms of how the wishes came true, I thought it was kind of cool. It offers some entertainment value and a bit of suspense for how these wishes will come about in the end. But the rules of this artifact don’t make any sense. The biggest example for this is when Aaron has to deal with the abusive boyfriend of his close model friend. He wishes him to never hurt her again. The boyfriend agrees to this and out of the blue, disappears into thin air. This leads to a scuffle with another one of Aaron’s friends. The abusive boyfriend gets shot dead. The friend who shot the boyfriend, still having the gun in his hand, stupidly shoots Aaron’s model friend for no reason. This scene was happening so fast and it seemed like the film wanted to end as quickly as possible.

Going back to the force lines of dialogue, I don’t believe the film gave any scene to say or establish that the urn is responsible. There are those couple of lines and a couple scenes that show the artifact doing nothing but sitting perched on a dresser or table. That is it.

A nitpick I have is with one particular scene when there is a storm, to which Aaron and his neighbor are wondering what is happening. The neighbor gets down poured by so much rain and Aaron meanwhile looks like he’s in the middle of a steady shower. Good consistency right there.

One easter egg I did like was when one can spot the same genie’s lamp from “Aladdin” on a table in the model’s house.

“The Final Wish” has some moments of delivering cool and unique things on a technical side. The story does offer some entertainment value for any fans of the “Final Destination” films. It does have really good performances from a couple of people. Though it just comes off an average horror flick that could have been a little bit more.





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