The Lego Movie 2: The Second Part (2019) Review


RATING: 3.5/5


Taking place 5 years after the first film, Emmet must save his friends from the leader of the Duplo invaders before “Our-Mom-Ageddon” destroys the Lego Universe.

This sequel doesn’t quite live up to the awesomeness of the first film. But it is still pretty fun to watch from beginning to end.

The main characters still act like themselves. Emmet is still the happy-go-lucky guy. While everyone else (Lucy, Batman, Benny, Metalbeard, Unikitty) are more hardened by the apocalyptic atmosphere and setting. All of these colorful characters are still fun to watch on screen, but like I said, they are the same as before. That isn’t bad necessarily, but their funny traits and jokes attributed to them can get tiring.

The new characters in the movie (Rex and Queen Wa-Nabi) were good. Rex was the typical movie tough-guy and he is basically a combination of Chris Pratt’s recent movie characters combined. The twist with him being the future Emmet was fine, nothing original, but fine. Wa-Nabi was cool in her ability to shape-shift into any form she wants. But her plan of not wanting to straight up say to the main characters she is not the bad guy, prolonged. Her constant teasing was old.

Voice work for all the characters was very good.

There was a bunch of pop-culture references which were really fun. There was plenty of self-aware humor throughout, which they can either hit or miss. The self-awareness can get be repetitive.

As with the last film, music was a big factor in this and it is something I wasn’t too fond for this movie. This film is part musical and will break into someone singing. This would happen 3 or 4 times. I for one didn’t like this and I just wanted the numbers to end quickly. With the first film having “Everything is Awesome,” the sequel has more to try and top that. Like “Everything is Not Awesome” and “Catchy Song.” There are others but those are the prominent ones and there’s a good chance they will get in your head.

It was good to see the real-world be expanded upon much like with the Lego Universe. Seeing the humans play with their legos and the impacts their play has on the characters within was still interesting to see. Seeing the lego characters interacting in the real world was pretty funny as they are inching and twitching to make all sorts of movements.

Animation, once again, was great here. The mix of CGI/Stop-Motion was interwoven very nicely, giving nice fluid movement. At times the effects can be cheap, but they were cheap on purpose. Like whenever the characters are traveling in space, the planets and stars would literally be hanging on strings.

The best thing that this movie has going for is the message. The first movie’s message was showing how much creativity one can achieve. This movie’s message was learning to get along and open hearts up to the world. The scenes after “Our-Mom-Ageddon” happens, were really sweet and heart-warming.

Here are my two biggest problems with the film. The aspects felt repetitive and it seemed the film tried to be more grand, epic, or in this, awesome than its predecessor. Like I mentioned the jokes do get old. If it is either specific traits from the characters, the music, self-aware humor, etc. The movie also felt like it was trying to do more and it felt all over the place. It seemed to get bloated at times. There is more music, a lot of exposition, etc. The movie needed to dial it back some.

The pacing can either be slow and fast at times. The first act was good at establishing the characters and their world, the second act dragged with the musicals, and the third act appeared to go by quickly. That space battle towards the end went by in a flash. It was totally pointless.

The Lego Movie 2 is not bad by any means. It is still fun and enjoyable. But it just doesn’t live up to what the first movie delivered. The first was a surprise by everyone, as many of us thought how the very concept of a lego movie could work, but it worked. But I will still recommend this as it is funny, the characters are good, the animation is great, and the message towards the end was really good.


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