The Abomination (1986) Review


RATING: .5/5


After a mother coughs up a tumor, it brainwashes the son into killing many people for food.

The wonders one finds while on YouTube. I randomly saw the trailer of this many years ago and I was confused yet fascinated by what I was watching. Finally, I now had the chance to watch this literal abomination of a movie. But that’s not to say I didn’t have a good time that is.

The only legit good thing that I would say was the main theme that played at the beginning, as well as a couple parts later on. The synth instrumentals offer a creepy and eerie tone which was kind of cool.

Everything else, well, was bad. Really bad. Horrendously bad. So bad I might say was…good.

First thing to discuss was the acting. Wow, it was something. It was so over-the-top it was laughable. There was not one actor/actresses that gave an alright performance. No one was believable in their delivery, AT ALL.

The writing for the movie is awful. None of the characters are given proper development. One doesn’t care who they are and one won’t remember any of their names by the end. The dialogue is not engaging as it was so cliche and generic.

The editing in both visual and audio aesthetics was horrible. There are points where the movie would repeat the same shots and the same sounds. For example, when the mother was waiting for an eternity for the monster to kill her, the same type of screams was used over and over. For the visual side, the movie repeated a scene in its entirety that was shown previously toward the beginning. There are times when a couple of people were talking and it was a bit hard to hear due to some background noise overlapping the dialogue. Whether it was from the television or from the world’s squeakiest chair. Going back to the line delivery from the actor/actresses, it sounds like the acting was recorded beforehand in a studio and placed into a computer while editing. It sounded too clean and didn’t fit with the quality of the video.

Outside of the main theme, the rest of the music and other sounds range from bad to weird. The movie delivered melodramatic music and it doesn’t work at bringing out the emotions. There were some comedic/hijinky themes right before the mother discovered the monstrous tumor. There was a bizarre segment when the son and his friends were driving in the country-side, to which there was just music playing. It seemed like there should be diegetic sounds coming from what’s happening on screen as opposed to just non-diegetic sounds. It made the whole scene really awkward. A majority of the sounds made the whole movie tonally off.

The pacing was all over the place. There are sequences and scenes where they can go too fast or too slow.

The special effects in the movie were uninspired. Some of the dismembered limbs look fake as hell. The monster itself looked like a giant puppet.

Speaking of the tumor monster, it was just not interesting. The design is not original. One doesn’t know what it is, where it came from, why it is there, etc. One learns nothing from this beast.

The story/plot of the movie was pretty confusing. With no development, one was simply along for the ride with no questions asked. The movie I’m assuming was presented in a flashback of sorts with the son narrating what happened before he died. It doesn’t explain how he was narrating even though he died. The characters in the movie don’t question the son after his illness goes away. The monster life-cycle was confusing. How it took over the minds of humans made no sense. There are so many questions one would ask and none of them will be answered. It took elements from “Little Shop of Horrors,” “The Thing,” “The Texas Chainsaw Massacre,” etc. The movie also threw some Bible references in here to show that the monster was a Biblical monster. Though one simply doesn’t care or matter what was happening. Toward the end, the movie sets up a sequel, which was a real shame.

Now with all the sheer negativeness I have, I just couldn’t take my eyes off it. I was entertained a bit by just how bad the experience was. I can’t believe someone would put this together and believe they had done a great job. I was chuckling from time to time due to many elements not landing. I finally got closure from this strange, bizarre, and very interesting awful movie.

So if you want to get a good laugh in on the bad acting, bad editing, bad effects, and bad story, with a touch of a good main theme, check out this movie.



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