Avengers: Endgame (2019) Review




11 years.

A little over a decade of this series. To which it finally comes to an end. In term of this saga, the Infinity Saga that is. It has been a long journey of this and I believe this film is a worthy conclusion and a new beginning for the MCU.

The main characters, in terms of the original Avengers, were still a great cast and they all give really good performances. With this film being the last for some, they give it their all and for good reason. The stakes were at an all-time high. It was either do/die and they chose to do. This was definitely epic and grandiose in a lot of ways.

Emotions were definitely there. One can truly feel the circumstances the characters have to deal with. Whether or not one should move forward from the last film or try to undo the damage. It was for sure suspenseful in not wanting to see these characters die and try to live towards the end. But, the movie does the job really well when a couple of the Avengers die. The ending was really sweet at tying the bow and passing the torch onto the future/New Avengers.

Endgame felt like a culmination of all films prior. There were tons upon tons of easter eggs and references to the 20+ movies. One of the main plot points involved time travel. It was so cool seeing the Avengers go back to the first Avengers film, Guardians 1, Infinity War, etc. There was definitely some cool fan-service type stuff. One of the best was Captain America wielding Thor’s Mjolnir. A nice nod from Age of Ultron.

The music was pretty good. My favorite was probably the last song they played called “It’s been a Long, Long, Time” by Harry James. Not only was it a good choice for ending Steve Rogers arc and it felt like a good farewell for the MCU as a whole.

Even with the sadness, the film does deliver enough comedy and humor to lift the spirits of the audience. I have to say one of the funniest aspects was seeing Thor’s, body change. The other was watching Professor Hulk in action.

The cinematography was good. My favorite was when Thanos’s ship was appearing out of the dark and muddy clouds in the sky. It visually looked so impressive and they were many visual treats scattered throughout.

As a climatic end to the Infinity Saga, the climax was simply epic. Virtually all the characters and prominent heroes come together to finally end Thanos. Seeing all these characters rounded up and charging into the fight, with the main Avengers theme, sent chills/excitement down the spine.

As being a grand conclusion, the film is not perfect. I believe the main criticism I have was the runtime. Now I didn’t fall asleep or looked at my watch.  Far from that. For the most part, I was entertained. I couldn’t look away. I didn’t want to take a bathroom break also. But at points, it does tend to drag and there are many plotlines being handled all at once. There are a few times where I would kind of forget about them and I wished it would have been balanced better.

With the inclusion of Captain Marvel, I thought the Russo Brothers would present her in a better light here. But honestly, there wasn’t a lot of screentime with her and one would wonder what she actually she did. The time travel elements do bring up some plotholes like Captain America living his life after returning the stones. The fact that one could figure out how the film was going to go down due to sequels being announced. Now that right there was nitpicking and I have others in my head. But I really don’t think it hurt the film in any way, shape, or form at all.

As I said, Endgame was a great movie and an epic conclusion to the first 3 phases of the MCU. It delivered great performances, good visuals, good music, and the right amount of emotions to make one cheer and cry. Granted I wished this was the end as opposed to Spiderman: Far from Home.




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