Escape Room (2019) Review


RATING: 2.5/5


Six random people are invited to what appears to be a normal escape room. Things go from good to bad immediately and they all found out this is more than what they have bargained for.

I’ve been to a couple escape rooms in the past and they were interesting. Can’t say its something I would do it multiple times though. So I was fairly curious about a movie based on them and, it’s about what I got expected and got.

The most fun part of being in the escape room was, well, the problem-solving. Finding all the clues and hidden gems in a room was exciting. To which that was the best aspect of the movie right here. All of the characters finding out the clues and getting to locate all the easter eggs in each room. Them solving the puzzles was pretty fun and it created an entertaining atmosphere to the whole thing.

Speaking of that, the atmosphere and the entire mood was cool to watch. All of the different rooms had their own unique look. As well as having their own assortment of hidden dangers and traps. One room didn’t look the same thankfully. My favorite was the upside-down bar.

Performances in the movie were alright. They were times where their acting was fine, but at points, it can be exaggerated which I’ll get to later.

Characters in the movie were alright. The movie did explain why the escape room was designed specifically toward them and how they became so lucky. Not just for participating in the game but also in their lives prior. So it was nice to see their backgrounds and how they related to one another.

The interplay and dialogue between them were funny at certain moments. But a lot of times it can be cheesy and corny.

The movie seemed to take a lot of cues and beats from both the “Saw” and “Final Destination” series. It drew on that suspense on how certain people were going to die and how they were going to die. Someone or something was out there watching these select few survive in the situation that they created. When it came to the final scene in the movie, the main antagonist sounded remarkably similar to Billy the Puppet. He even said a line that was close to Billy’s famous quote “I want to play a game.”

The plot of the movie played pretty straightforward. There wasn’t any too special or remarkable to come out of it. It appeared the movie played things safe.

As I mentioned earlier, there was overacting at times. Particularly from the main character of Zoey. Not just in her acting but personality too. She started off as calm, gentle, shy, and quiet. All of a sudden, during the middle of the movie, she became brave and courageous. In the end, she wanted to go find the source of the dangerous organization that constructed the rooms. That progression was so fast and abrupt.

Towards the end, one saw that the building containing the rooms were gone. I would LOVE to know how the evildoers were able to take apart the building they were operating in, so fast. They must have super-speed in their genes or something. Again, I would LOVE to know.

All in all, this was one of those turn off your brain type movies. If one was a fan of “Saw” and “Final Destination,” one might enjoy this. It delivered the same amount of suspense, fun atmosphere, and horror/torture-porn elements that were entertaining to watch. Even with the cheese factor to it, I would still recommend it.

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