John Wick 3: Parabellum (2019) Review




John Wick, who has been turned excommunicado from the last movie, needs to travel around the world and fight random baddies in order to reverse the hit he has on his head.

The third chapter of the series is still very much in tune with the previous two entries. Delivering all the fiery energy that one very much enjoys.

The action in this one was still a blast to witness. All the fights were very good and the choreography along with it was on point. I swear John Wick can take anything near him and turn it into a weapon to kill anyone. The best thing about those scenes was the cinematography. It was great in that it wasn’t shaky-cam, one could actually see what was happening. Also, it seemed like John Wick was a superhero, due to the insane amount of abuse he was being dealt with.

Sounds in the film seemed to be amped. One could hear every punch or impact to the body. As well as the cracking of bones. It was really good at showcasing the damage that these fights were delivering. It definitely made the whole situation tense and suspenseful because one doesn’t know what John Wick was doing to do to kill his opponents.

The visual style was nicely done. The Neo-Noir aesthetics made me feel like I was watching a comic-book/graphic novel. John Wick 3 was blasting with bright colors. Whether it was John Wick running down China-Town or him clawing his way through the Sahara. The colors in here popped out from the screen.

Performances in the movie were great. Keanu Reeves was still as great as the infamous hitman.

A few characters from the previous films return here and they were cool to see. It was nice to see Charon (Lance Reddick) in action and protect the Continental.

The pacing was varied. In that, the beginning was set-up great. John Wick having only an hour to get any resources he needed to survive the hit on his head. That was good. But the movie slowed itself down in the middle once it went to Casablanca. It doesn’t pick back up again until the third act and the climax.

There were new characters introduced. It was nice for the film to further expand the world and the universe. But a large majority of them doesn’t stick out. There were two new characters that were the most memorable. They were played by Halle Berry and Mark Dacascos. Berry was cool to see her in action and cool to her pet dogs in action. Dacascos’s fighting scenes and fan-boy personality toward John Wick was also cool/funny to witness.

The movie’s tone was interesting in that it took a more comedic approach. I believe it was fine but at times it did become ridiculous. Particularly in the horse scene in the beginning. But there were definitely funny moments that did land.

With being the third in the series, John Wick 3 was proof that these films still have life in them. It delivered entertaining gruesome action, showcased a very cool Neo-Noir style, performances were great, and it’s an action flick that one should definitely see right now.



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