Feast (2005) Review



A group of characters has to defend themselves in a bar against ravenous creatures.

Executive producers Ben Affleck, Matt Damon, and Wes Craven bring forth a movie that is spewing with tons of blood, showcasing comedic moments, and delivering hyper-kinetic energy.

The first thing about this movie that I have to talk about was the editing, especially with the creatures coming in to attack the characters. The editing was fast-paced, very choppy, and one could barely see what was happening. Besides seeing tons of gore and blood splatter on-screen. I just want to say, I freaking LOATHE movies that are edited in this fashion. I DETEST films with this editing style. I came to watch a film, I didn’t come to get a headache or a seizure. As I said, the editing was so frantic that I had to turn away from the screen because there was so much going on. There was too much stuff to focus on at once. There were also times where the editing would be a little choppy when things cooled down and the creatures would be seen in a not-so-good view. I wish the movie would stay still for at least 5 to 10 seconds. I wanted to get a good look at these creatures. This was the biggest complaint about the film for me. I can’t stand these films with this type of editing. This was a big, fat NO.

Now I will say that this was, for the most part, an entertaining film. I say the best aspect was the comedy. The movie had some self-awareness to it that I enjoyed.

Like the way it started, it introduced the characters not by their names, but by either their personality trait, appearance, or stereotype. It had character names like Bartender, Beer Guy, Grandma, Bossman, and of course, Hero/Heroine. Again, those were actual names for the characters. It also showcased a short list about themselves and their likelihood to die.

The characters themselves, while there wasn’t any depth to them, they were still enjoyable to watch. Each one of these actors/actresses did their parts good. Even though there was a bit of overacting, as I said the film seemed to be aware and was simply playing it up. The way each character worked off each other was cool and hilarious also. Some of the funniest interactions were with Bozo and Grandma.

The plot, much like with the characters, doesn’t have much depth. It was pretty straightforward from beginning to end.

Now the movie truly delivered in the insane department. Once the creatures caused havoc, all hell broke loose. There were tons of blood, gore, and dismemberment everywhere. All in practical effect glory. These were entertaining, but as I ranted earlier, the editing said otherwise.

One would truly enjoy this movie if they were fans of non-stop gore and excitement all the way through. Though some might turn away from the super-fast and sometimes nauseating editing. But this was a fun, ridiculous, humorous, and self-aware movie that was cool to watch.



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