X-Men: Dark Phoenix (2019) Review


RATING: 1.5/5


When one of the X-Men members gets hit by a mysterious force from space, she is overwhelmed by her spike in powers. It is up to her friends to save her, as well as stop an alien invasion from destroying the Earth.

After 19 years, the series has finally come to an end with this. The franchise has had a mix of good and bad films. As for this latest installment, it unfortunately falls toward the latter.

The best actors in the movie were James McAvoy and Michael Fassbender. Their performances were good, but as for the rest, it was alright. At some points, it can be laughably bad. Particularly from Jennifer Lawrence.

Fassbender, as Magneto, had the most entertaining scenes in the film. Using his magnetic powers on the environment around was cool. I liked the scene where he used his powers to levitate all the guns to shoot at the main baddie.

Some of the effects were nice, while there was some that were questionable.

The cinematography was good at certain points, particularly in the space rescue scene in the beginning.

There was some decent action scattered throughout.

That’s pretty much it for “positives.” But as I said, this conclusion didn’t end the franchise well.

The biggest problem for me was that this film was trying to make us feel for a majority of these young X-Men members. Even though most of them were only introduced in the previous movie, X-Men: Apocalypse. It was trying hard to get those emotions out there. But it didn’t work because the character development was not there, at all.  There needed to be more movies to have the audience follow these characters, much like with the MCU. With that, one would actually care for Jean Grey/Phoenix and the problems she was facing.

Another really big problem was that this movie was not that engaging. One could tell the actors in the movie want this franchise to die. They were not giving their A+ performances. It screamed we don’t care anymore. Which made sense seeing that this movie and the potential upcoming “New Mutants” film had been undergoing major development hell. Along with the acting, there was the dialogue which was largely uninspired, cliche, and bad. The plot seemed like it wanted to make this film seemed really big and epic, but it was absolutely no good.

Magneto’s reversal in the hero/villain side was very tiresome.

The main villains of the film, reject Skrulls, were very bland and really forgettable.

There was no speed scene regarding Quicksilver. He gets injured early in the movie and never came back until the very end.

There were maybe a couple times I did chuckle a bit. Whether it was something that was kind of funny or unintentionally funny.

So yeah. That’s about it. This was a pretty boring flick. Even though it clocked in under 2 hrs, it felt longer. The movie was not interesting in any way. Outside of a couple good performances, ok action, and alright cinematography, don’t watch the movie. Unless you want to see the end of this 19-year series or you want to see a more true adaptation of the “Dark Phoenix” story.

Is this worst X-Men movie as many people were calling it? It’s close, very close. But for me, I think it would still be X-Men Origins. But I don’t know, it may change in the future.

It was really sad to see this be the conclusion. I wish they could have put more effort. But nonetheless, Marvel finally has the rights and I’m very curious about what direction they will take when incorporating them in the MCU.








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