Yesterday (2019) Review


RATING: 2.5/5

A struggling musician gets into an accident and wakes up in a strange reality where the Beatles never existed.

A film that has a fun and very interesting premise. As well as some funny moments. Although the end result is that this felt like more like cliche rom-com, with the Beatles stuff pushed to the background.

Performances in the movie were pretty good. Jack Malik, played by Himesh Patel, was also good at his singing scenes.

The music here was great. Of course it would be, the whole soundtrack was songs by the Beatles. As a guy who hasn’t listened to any of their songs for a long, long time, it was a refresher and a new experience in listening to their songs. It did make me want to go and listen to their classic hits.

The film did have humorous moments. Mainly from the interactions/reactions of the modern world listening to the Beatles for the first time. Oh but not only the Beatles, but strangely enough, Coca-Cola, Cigarettes, and Harry Potter don’t exist in this strange world. It was kind of funny to see Malik trying to research these things on Google and to find they’re not the things he was finding.

Malik typed in Coca-Cola and found Cocaine/Pablo Escobar. Malik typed Cigarettes and found a French town named Cigarette. Malik typed Harry Potter and found some army general named Harold Potter. Although I kind of wished he would have gone further with Harry Potter and found the first Troll movie. That would have been really funny.

There was a bit of a sweet moment where John Lennon appeared toward the third act.

Basically, the whole premise in general was the most fun aspect of the film. It was really interesting to see how the modern world would take hearing one of the most, if not the most iconic band ever, for the very first time. There were times where music executives would change the lyrics of their songs or reject the names of their famous albums. There were two random people in the movie, besides Malik, who knew about the Beatles. I wished the film would have gone further with that and show like a cult/organization out there that remembered the Beatles.

In fact, this goes into the main problems I have with the film. In that, it doesn’t take full advantage of the Beatles premise and it was sidelined for a generic love story. The Beatles were one of the top musical pioneers ever. Seeing the ramifications of them not forming would have changed the world tremendously. This was a huge opportunity that the movie missed and something that could have made it better. As I mentioned, there were some scenes of how they were interpreted for the first time in the modern world. Some expansion of this would be nice.

The rom-com story became the forefront and it wasn’t interesting in the slightest. Malik started off as a struggling artist, his rise to fame overwhelmed him greatly, he wanted to make things right with his girlfriend, and he wished to undo the misunderstanding/lie he had committed for his fellow peers by the very end.

Some of the humor didn’t land and it came off as awkward.

Many of the side characters weren’t that engaging and don’t have much development.

Kate Mckinnon’s character was a music manager who cared only for the money and treated Malik as a product. She even said that in the movie.

The film had a light/fun tone, had great music, good performances, and the premise itself made it really intriguing. There were some humorous moments intermixed into this. Though it didn’t take full advantage of that premise and go all the way. It was completely overshadowed by a boring and uninteresting rom-com story.  The plot is worth checking out, but don’t ask for too much.

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