Stuber (2019) Review


RATING: 1.5/5


A cop with eye problems has to get help from his Uber driver to chase down a criminal who killed his former partner.

This is the type of movie one would expect. A dumb comedy with some laughs and that is it.

Performances in the movie were good. The way the two main leads (Dave Bautista and Kumail Nanjiani) worked off each other was funny at times. Their chemistry alone was the best thing going in this film.

On a personal level, the movie included the song “Because I’m Me” from the band “The Avalanches,” which was very nice.

Everything else was nothing.

The action scenes were edited very poorly and shot crappily. One couldn’t see what was happening as it was all a complete frenzy.

A majority of the humor, outside of the scenes featuring the two main leads together, didn’t land.

The action, humor, or for that matter, the entertainment value wasn’t there. For that, I was getting bored with the whole experience.

The plot was pretty cliche and dull. Bautista’s development into becoming a better father and Nanjiani’s development into becoming a stronger man was very standard. There was hardly any emotional depth with these characters.

A lot of these characters were pretty disposable. Either they were annoying or were merely uninteresting.

Pacing and narrative structure was all over the place. There were times where a scene would come out of the blue with no build-up of any kind. They just happened. The best example was toward the end where Nanjiani was dating Bautista’s daughter. It came out of the left field.

Going back to the plot, I was getting flashbacks of a similar film. That movie being “Central Intelligence,” with Kevin Hart and Dwayne Johnson. Both had the same beats, a highly skilled person drags a very normal civilian into a world of crime. However, I would rather watch “Central Intelligence” 3 times in a row than watch “Stuber” again. That’s for sure.

If you want to see a brainless and dumb comedy, this might provide some of that. But honestly, this was pretty boring. The chemistry between the leads was the best, though that alone was not enough to save the drab viewing.

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