Ready or Not (2019) Review


RATING: 2.5/5


A bride participates in her groom’s family tradition in playing a game. She soon regrets it deeply when the game gets more intense as the night goes on.

What appeared to be a fairly interesting horror film from the trailer, turns about to be fairly ok. With some good moments of comedy and horror elements intertwined.

Performances in the movie were fine. The main protagonist, played by Samara Weaving, was the best. One could definitely feel the raw and intense emotions that she was going while surviving through the night. There were a couple nail-biting situations that will get one rooting for her for sure.

The other characters were alright. I do like how each one had their own distinct personality. They all had their own shtick and delivered a few humorous moments. But for the most part, they were pretty forgettable.

The humor/dark comedic elements worked sometimes throughout. It went well with the wacky, self-aware, and quirkiness of the film’s tone/situation. The family trying to hunt in an old-fashion way, but this doesn’t work so they resort to modern tech to assist them. On the other hand, there were a good number of times where the humor didn’t land and it felt awkward.

Aesthetically, the film looked very nice in terms of its setting and look. The lighting, especially in the mansion interior, was particularly warm and the colors of yellow/orange overlayed the rest. Though the other colors were prominent, the warm lights did well as displaying an ironic edge to the whole hunting plot that was happening on-screen.

The film explored quite a number of areas inside and outside of the mansion. Whenever there was a kill or something bloody that happened, each one took place in a new area. The opening scene/credits were good at establishing what one was going to get into. It did a fine job of getting one sucked into the world that this movie resided in.

Blood/gore was shown very much so. As I mentioned there were a couple nail-biting moments that will have one on the edge of their seats. Especially toward the end when blood and guts literally explode onto the walls.

The movie wasted no time in getting into gear and showing the hunt in action. Whenever Weaving was fleeing for her life, the film was fairly quick in each scene but it worked fine with the dark comedy feel. But there were times where it would grind to a halt as the movie was trying to get more deep and emotional than it should. Whenever it showed some of the family members talking about the importance of the traditional hunt. That was when also they tried to get emotional about the whole ordeal. It slowed the pace disappointingly and it could have been worked on a lot better to keep the momentum flowing.

The hunt itself didn’t capture my attention to the fullest. I don’t know but I wanted there to be a bit more excitement. I was getting a bit bored with it. It played out very standard and it didn’t take any surprising turns until the ending occurred.

One thing I’m truly disappointed in is that there was no “Ready or Not” from “The Fugees,” anywhere in the film.

All in all, this was an average horror/thriller flick. It had a good lead actress, some good dark comedic moments, and a few good gory/bloody moments. But the average plot didn’t elevate itself to become something that could have been good. Along with many jokes falling flat, disposable characters, and some tonal discrepancies.

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