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An aging hitman gets the surprise of his life when he is being pursued by not only another hitman, but by himself.

An action flick that had some buzz for being state-of-the-art with its full CGI model of a young Will Smith. Too bad that and many other things don’t hold up.

The biggest praise that I can give was the action. Most of it surprisingly was not bad. It was a pleasant shock to see that it was filmed nicely and one can actually SEE what was happening.  For these kinds of movies, the action is mostly fast-edits and it is all shaky-cam. Like one can barely make out what is happening. But in here, the action was done well. Thus making the fight choreography, motorcycle stunts, and etc, feel exciting to a certain extent.

Again, this was the biggest praise and probably the only praise I can give it.

In terms of the CGI model of the young Will Smith itself, it was underwhelming. It was underwhelming and unconvincing for most of the time. Some points it looked nice, particularly with the hair. But a lot of times, especially with the last scene during the day, it didn’t look real and it looked pretty fake. Director Ang Lee must have been really proud of it, seeing that there were scenes where the camera lingered on the model for some time. But that only enhanced the fakeness.

Though at one point, the model had his face completely covered. I understand it was meant to serve the plot of the movie, but it seemed like the filmmakers didn’t have much faint in the convincing model. Or maybe the $138 million dollar budget was too small. I don’t know.

The dialogue was so cliche and boring. The movie tried to be funny, but it failed hard. Actually, there were a couple lines where I did laugh at how bad the jokes were. For example, the young Will Smith knowing his way around Hungary due to watching NatGeo. Or how about when the heroes were traveling to Hungary and Mary Elizabeth Winsted’s character asked what’s in the country. Smith tells her Hungarians.

Even with some fine performances, the characters in the movie were not interesting. I swear they were trying desperately to make Benedict Wong’s character to be the comic relief. When he died toward the end, I could care less.

Now I guess another small praise I could give the movie was the concept. The concept was pretty interesting and I feel like this project could have had the potential to be something decent.

The 120 FPS aspect didn’t bother too much. It made the action something to look forward too. Plus I needed something to keep my eyes wake from this bore-fest.

“Gemini Man,” it had something going, instead it turned into a predictable mess. A boring mess with albeit good action scenes and alright acting. Though that alone can’t overcome the cliche plot, uninteresting characters, and a mostly unconvincing CGI model. Skip to the action and you’ll be all set.

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