Poultrygeist (2006) Review


RATING: 3.5/5


A fast-food establishment learns the hard way when the spirits of Native Americans merge with the chicken for revenge. From there, chaos and looniness ensue.

One of the most popular movies within the “Troma Entertainment,” this is one that definitely has its fans who are looking for good-ole Z-grade amusement.

On the technical side of things, this 2000 film looked like it was straight out of the 80s. Everything from the cinematography, the editing, and the film quality itself. One could see the grain on-screen.

But aside from the technical aspects, as one would guess from the title, one would think this was a parody of “Poltergeist” and “Night of the Living Dead.” Which it was to some degree, though for the most part, this movie had its own thing going.

Now with this being a parody, how funny was this film exactly? The comedy that was presented in this either ranged from being suggestive, sexual, racist, self-aware or being situational. Especially the latter when the horror elements come into full force in the second half. Granted the racist jokes were offensive, but they got a laugh from me and it fit the movie’s tone nicely.

One thing I should say is that this was the second time to watch this and the thing I noticed while viewing was that the names of the characters were named after either fast-food places or food in general. Arbie, Wendy, Denny, Paco Bell, Carl Jr., Hummus, Mickie, etc. There was also General Lee Roy who was a spoof of Colonel Sanders. Director Lloyd Kaufman made an appearance as Old Archie and his scenes were definitely funny.

But while the characters were fun to watch, the actual fun came to when the gross stuff hit the fan. There were many highlights in the movie that one person can distinctly remember clearly.

  • The gruesome death of the cemetery groundskeeper
  • The crap explosion in the ACB bathroom
  • Carl Jr. pleasuring himself with a chicken
  • Paco Bell came back as a supernatural sandwich
  • The grossness of the fast-food

But all of that doesn’t compare to the craziness that happened when the Indian Zombie Chicken People attack the ACB customers. All hell broke loose and it was something that one couldn’t look away from. The scene had many individual moments it was hard to count. The craziness highlight was probably when a guy had chicken eggs implanted in his chest and hatch. Yeah.

One should point out that the practical effects were really good. There wasn’t a hint of CGI in there and it was good to see a bloody, delicious massacre.

Now one thing that this movie had going was the musical numbers. Which, on a personal level, didn’t satisfy me. I’m not into musicals for the most part. For this, each of the numbers grinds the film to a halt. They stopped the momentum and pace altogether. A couple of them go on for so long that it seemed like one was watching another movie. I’ll say the only time it did sort of work was the one with Kaufman.

A good portion of the humor landed and there was a good portion of it that didn’t land for me. I understand this was a big adult cartoon, but the film did push that envelope far. To which it didn’t hit me every time.

“Poultrygeist,” it is a must-see for anyone wanting to get a mix of horror and comedy blended well. It had a simple plot, but it was executed with fun gross practical effects, a very cheesy tone, and some good humor. I definitely recommend it. Though have a barf-bag on stand-by.

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