Knives Out (2019) Review




A death in the family prompts an investigation by a detective who believes foul play was involved.

Director Rian Johnson brings forth a refreshing and good old-take on the murder mystery genre.

The film featured a great cast and all of them delivered really good performances. There was not a single character that had the same personality. Which in turn made it very fun to watch each one on-screen. The flashback scenes, in the beginning, was good at showcasing their character and analyzing their possible connection to the death in their family.

Two of my favorite characters were Detective Blanc (Daniel Craig) and Ransom (Chris Evans). I thought I wasn’t going to enjoy the Southern accent Craig delivered but he was a lot of fun. So was Ransom especially the parts where he trash-talked his family.

To add to the fun of each character’s portrayal, the dialogue in the movie was nicely done.  For this being a murder mystery, one really needed to pay attention to this aspect as it was the main thing to gravitate toward when finding out who done it. There were subtle things like the family not knowing the true ethnicity of the nurse that can fly over people’s heads. It was those kinds of details that can really reveal the true colors of the family members.

But when it wasn’t all about the mystery, there was time for the film to unwind and to focus sometimes on the family life. These were entertaining and pretty funny.

The cinematography was really good. There were many close-ups up against the character’s faces whenever they were being interrogated. This was well-done to showcase the facial expressions and it became pretty much a guessing game on whether they were a person to trust or not. One of the best shots was when Blanc was sitting in the chair with the knives displayed behind him. It was a great way of showing him trying to figure out the center of this investigation. Or in this case, the hole. The donut’s hole.

In terms of the plot and how it played out, it does do new things with the murder mystery genre. In that, there wasn’t any murder. This made the whole movie experience feel refreshing. One could call this an “attempted” murder mystery.

I’ll say that the first act was kind of slow. Watching the interrogations between the family members was fun but at the same time, it does spend time with each one of their stories. To which it can interrupt the flow of the plot a bit.

Ransom (Evans) was nearly void in the first half and he doesn’t make his grand entrance until the middle. I’ll say that the trailers were a bit of false advertising because I thought he would be a prominent character as with the rest of his family.

The whole bit with the family plotting to persuade Cabrera ( Ana de Armas) was pointless. It didn’t really lead to anything substantial. Honestly if would one were to cut the bit with brother Walt coming to Cabrera’s apartment, it wouldn’t have changed the film.

If one were to figure out the culprit before the big reveal, I’ll say that the movie would still be enjoyable to sit through. To me at least. It was one of those things where one would still like to know about the journey even if they know the ending.

“Knives Out,” was a great film that had many twists and turns that will get one guessing as it ran. Everyone did a great performance, the cinematography was really good, and it was a nice new take on the genre as a whole. This was something that one should definitely check out.

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