Klaus (2019) Review


RATING: 3.5/5


A self-entitled postman gets a change of heart when visiting an angry village that houses a lonely man who will become the infamous holiday character.

This is a film that changes the Santa Claus story and brings forth a new one that offers some sentimental/sweet things that many people will be fond of seeing.

Today, in a world that is vastly overtaken by 3D animated movies, it was very nice to watch a traditional 2D animated film. The animation, for the most part, was stunning and it was beautifully done. Some of my favorite shots were the ones where the film would showcase the winter environment. Whether it was in the woods or whenever it would show the Northern Lights out in the sea. There was fluid motion throughout, no stilted or static movements. Things were always moving like they had a rhythm to them.

Along with the animation, lots of colors popped. They popped and offered a warm/comfortable glow that matched well with the Christmas feeling.

The plot of the film was interesting in how the mythos of Santa Claus was created. Basically, all the things that one knew about him were created by a lying postman taking advantage of some townsfolk. Klaus, meanwhile, was probably the most interesting character. In that, he doesn’t start off as this cheerful/happy-go-lucky guy.  He was a lonely man with a tragic past. It was that past that made one feel sorry for the big guy.

Now that was Klaus, as for the rest of the characters, it was hit or miss. While everyone gave good performances, the characters themselves were either alright or annoying. Outside of Klaus, the only characters I liked were the schoolteacher and the ferryman. The main character I thought was a tad annoying. While he did have some humorous moments, his constant fish-out-of-water antics combined with his rich-kid living the dream thing was a bit much for me.

The character designs were all good. Each one of them had their own unique shape that made them stand out. One took specific inspiration from the mayor from “The Nightmare Before Christmas,” which was cool. Though there was one inconsistency that I saw with the schoolteacher. At first, her hair was droopy and strands were sticking out. When the city’s mood improved, her hair was more refined. Toward the climax, her hair was back to being droopy. I didn’t understand that change.

All of the children were good and the many scenes they had were cute/charming. Especially when they were trying to keep their good innocence to please Klaus. Them writing letters to him and making their town a better place to live was nice.

One thing about the plot that truly annoyed me was that the film played the “liar reveal” trope. This made the movie predictable and cliche-like in my eyes. Beat for beat, I can tell how things were going to play out. When the reveal came, it killed the momentum and it was totally unnecessary. If the characters simply listened and made-up, things would have played out better. That part where the good townsfolk say that they can’t trust the postman anymore, once that kicked in I rolled my eyes. It made less sense after the postman realized the presents were decoys and the good townsfolk all of a sudden decided to redeem him. Which again, made the drama beforehand, entirely pointless and unneeded.

A couple music selections I wasn’t too fond of either.

“Klaus,” was fine Christmas flick with some lush animation, good performances, and it offered heartfelt/cute emotions that will surely move one. Though if one were to look for something inventive or creative, this wasn’t one as it went the predictable route. But this was a fairly simple movie with flowing colors and a nice feel-good message attached. I would say check it out.

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