Bad Boys For Life (2020) Review


RATING: 2.5/5


Old age and retirement don’t hold Detectives Lowrey and Burnett down as they make a comeback in the third entry.

Keep in mind I haven’t seen the previous movies so, of course, you’re going to have to excuse my small knowledge of the franchise.

Will Smith and Martin Lawrence bring true star power into this film. They delivered the most fun and humorous moments. Their chemistry worked out like a charm.

The rest of the characters were, more or less, mixed. I would say the other enjoyable character I liked was the police captain. Unfortunately, he doesn’t make it till the end which sucked. The other characters I didn’t have too much of a problem, but there were kind of just there. They had good performances and they offered some humorous moments, but they didn’t click with me.

The action sequences were fine though my main problem with them was that the cinematography was rather shaky, making it a bit tough to follow. On top of that, there were fast-cuts and edits intermixed.

The music, much like the characters, was mixed for me.

Even though I haven’t seen the other “Bad Boy” movies, I can tell from the mood and atmosphere from this that it felt bigger. It seemed like it was trying to be more meaningful and be bigger than its predecessors. Sometimes it worked, but other times it didn’t. It definitely didn’t work for Smith’s character getting shot in the beginning and making one believe he wasn’t going to make it. Or how about the subplot of Lawrence’s character wanting to retire. Albeit these scenes were acted well, although the hospital scenes were melodramatic for me.

There was also the captain getting shot, Smith realized he had a son with the main antagonist, Lawrence getting a granddaughter, etc. Those things were the stuff that made this third entry feel more grandiose. It seemed a bit overkill. I mean I could follow the plot easy, but all of those scenes/subplots needed to be better worked on.

Now with this movie produced by the one and only, Michael Bay, its only fitting that he would get a cameo. Which made me get a couple chuckles out.

“Bad Boys For Life/Bad Boys 3,” was an alright action and buddy-cop film in a franchise that I haven’t seen. It had good performances, some decent action, and some nice humor. One can definitely find enjoyment out of this picture if one were to turn off their brains and have fun. I had fun too, but it can get too cheesy/overblown at times.

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