Fantasy Island (2020) Review




Five people are invited to an island that seemingly makes anyone’s wishes come true. But it is not long when they realize the fantasy is more horrifying than what it appears to be.

I can understand why “Blumhouse” would want to put their name in the title. This is a horror reimagining of the show that came out years ago. I get that. Though that probably wasn’t the best idea.

I would have to say at least one of the person’s fantasies was interesting. That being with actress Maggie Q. That one seemed to come around full circle and this was perhaps the only “strong” character development.

The one with Lucy Hale did have a couple chuckles and the one huge doctor dude was kind of intimidating.

The main house looked nice and so did some of the island sets.

In terms of wanting to be progressive, it does that in a more quiet way unlike the second remake to “Black Christmas.”

The rest was either bad, boring, uninteresting, or all the above.

The acting in the movie was not good in the least. As a majority of the cast seemed to overact or give unrealistic performances. Especially from the brother duo, who don’t waste a second at being annoying in the first 5 minutes of the movie. It’s a shame one of them didn’t stay dead.

I was surprised to learn Michael Rooker was in here, but he wasn’t put to good use at all. Delivering some cringy comedy and should have not taken the paycheck for this.

This was a PG-13 horror flick, so of course, the scares were going to be lackluster. There was little to no blood as it would quickly cut away from it. The only “gory” parts were when the fantasy beings or whatever would have poor CGI black blood dripping from them. Which appears to be a trend for “Blumhouse.”

Almost reaching 2 hrs, the movie felt long and too drawn out. Out of that, the plot was all over with the place with so many stories wanting to be intertwin with one another. Toward the third act, the film wanted to add twists/turns but it doesn’t really matter in the long run with the anticlimactic climax.

“Fantasy Island” or “Blumhouse’s Fantasy Island,” is a boring, long, and unscary horror flick. While a couple moments are worth something to a degree and it does feature nice locations, that alone can’t save the terribleness that was this film. Don’t watch this movie and spend 2 hours of your time with something worthwhile.

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