See You Yesterday (2019) Review

see you

RATING: 1.5/5


Two high school students, who have dreams of being big, build time machines. But when something dramatic happens, it is there the two embark on an adventure to try and undo the event.

Hard to believe that Spike Lee was apart of this “family-friendly” flick.

The performances throughout were decent. The two main leads delivered the best. They had some nice dialogue whenever something fun or serious played out. Granted the film doesn’t give proper time to really get invested into them or the rest of the cast.

The cameo appearance by Michael J. Fox was a genuine surprise I’ll say. But, given that he was only in here for a couple minutes, it made me wonder what’s the point. Other than to say the famous “Great Scott” phrase from “Back to the Future,” for obvious reasons.

The production throughout screamed Spike Lee, most notably the attire. The two leads wore clothes that looked to be straight from “Do the Right Thing.” It had that late 80s/early 90s aesthetic which was showy and flashy.

One scene that had a great transition was when the camera was rolling. One got disoriented as the scene would switch locations. It fit well with the emotion that C.J was feeling.

Tonally, it was all over. There were moments of light-hearted and heavy-handed material being tossed around. Thus creating a movie that doesn’t know what audience to present it toward. I don’t understand why the film would cut to the title card right before the F-Bomb was spouted fully. Even though it was clearly said so a minute earlier. The language, along with the heavy subject matter which showed blood, juxtaposed the kid content rather harshly.

The devices that were used to time travel looked completely ripped from “Ghostbusters.”

Anyway, the film played itself very standard-like. There weren’t any interesting turns/twists. It tried to, but that created problems with the rules of time travel in this film. Like things that happened beforehand, didn’t pan out later in the future, creating inconsistencies/plotholes throughout.

The movie became dumber until the last scene. The main character C.J was terrible, in that she was stubborn and didn’t learn anything.

Now first let me say the subject matter being presented, it was presented alright. When it showed the families dealing with the loss of a loved one and the political/social climate coming into play with the “Black Lives Matter” protests, it was handled in a fine manner. However, it was plagued by tropes like the cops being evil and not wanting to be reasonable. They want to be unnecessarily brutal for no clear reason.

I know its hard for those affected by similar events that played out in the film. It can be very challenging and difficult to move forward. Which was something that C.J needed to figure out, but doesn’t. Instead, she wished to keep on fighting and try to reverse the damage. I appreciate the bravery, but this act made her feel dumb and she can’t realize to let go. Heck, they even pointed this out earlier and thus, she doesn’t take it seriously.

“See You Yesterday,” got me intrigued, mainly with Lee being the producer for this. But there was more harm than good. Notably with its terrible main character, the standard time-travel plot mixed with standard political/social qualities, the clashing tones, and the horrible ending. Everyone gave decent performances and there was nice funny dialogue, though there was hardly anything else there.

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