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6 people who have gone off the grid need to take down a dictator in order for peace to be restored.

I haven’t seen a Michael Bay film in a long time. And I can see why. I can definitely see why.

How the film started, really set the mood on how I wasn’t going to like it. It honestly looked like I was watching an ad or promo for something. In fact, that’s what the whole movie felt. It seemed like 90% of the scenes could be used as a commercial. Seriously if one were to put the product name up on-screen, it would fit perfectly. That was helped by the cinematography, the editing, and the narration that Ryan Reynolds delivered in good chunks.

The cinematography was all over. So much panning, trucking, dollying, craning, rolling, tracking, etc. There was SO much movement happening, especially in the long action scenes that it became exhausting. One couldn’t pick up what was happening in each individual shot or frame. The camera would get up close to a subject or the frantic activity happening. It was sweet relief when a slow scene occurred, which were rare sadly. Again, there were many scenes that if one were to place the right product name, it would totally be advertisable.

Adding to the exhausting camera work was the horrid editing. There would be lots of cuts in a solid minute, it was insane. There were times where a scene would cut to itself. Like unnecessarily cut from a mid-shot to close mid-shot. Not as agonizing as “Armageddon,” but, yeah, no. Both editing and cinematography made it tough to know what was happening, where a character would be, or when a certain scene would take place. Sure the movie placed time frames at the bottom, but there was no smooth transition. Instead, the film would punch hard with “THE PRESENT,” right at you.

The action, of course, had the trademark Michael Bay fireworks. Action scenes would go on for quite some time. The very first went on for so long I was getting bored and already uninteresting. It was so amazing that it did that. I would say the only “fun” part was the climax with the magnets. That was until I realized this was used in “Transformers: Age of Extinction.” I guess it was better executed here than it was there. The overuse of slow-mo, explosions, shaky cam, and people/objects flying in the air, if Bay were to place Transformers in this, it wouldn’t have made a difference. This and that franchise blend so well.

“Suicide Squad” must be liked by Bay since he wished to use a similar visual aesthetic in the last Transformers movie and now, in this movie. The style was reminiscent of it and it didn’t look the least bit impressive. The R-rating felt unneeded. There didn’t need to be lots of CG blood or teeth being shot in all directions.

As far as the humor went, it was one of the couple saving graces. That and Reynolds saved the movie from being unwatchable. Even with crap to work, he pulled through in delivering something that he, specifically, can pull well.

The rest of the main cast did alright and they showcased one or two chuckle moments periodically. I was very disappointed to see Dave Franco get axed at the beginning. That was a shame and I feel like there could have been some potential there. Despite the short backgrounds they give for them, one doesn’t really care about it in the long run.

The usage of the U.S flag and product placements were in there as in a lot of Bay films. Though being fair there would be put to somewhat of a minimum. However, the camera did prolong the watch faces. The brand was surely essential for audiences.

“6 Underground,” was one of those definite terrible Bay movies. There were plenty of things to hate like cinematography, editing, action, characters, and style. At times it was so bad it’s good, but more times than not, it became tiresome as there was so much stuff happening. One would be waiting for the credits to roll. Reynolds and some of the comedy do save the movie from being nothing other than to look like a compilation of commercials.

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