Bad Boys (1995) Review


RATING: 2.5/5


Two Miami detectives are tasked to protect a witness while searching for a drug kingpin.

My first viewing of the first film in a franchise still thriving. I can see the reasoning for the cult following.

Mike Lowry (Will Smith) and Marcus Burnett (Martin Lawrence) have that relationship that was funny, exciting, and brought forth charisma/charm that was carried throughout. They were the best in what they delivered, but that’s not to say there weren’t others in this that had some good moments.

The captain (Joe Pantoliano) was good in the scenes he was in and the character of Julie (Téa Leoni) was good in hers, especially with the interactions she had with either Lowry or Burnett.

The action in the movie was fine. The best was maybe the chase scene in the streets of Miami. Other than that, a lot of the action had good sets but granted there were some fast-cuts and some janky cinematography. It wasn’t overly excessive, one could figure out what was happening for sure. But it was a tad much.

Familiar characteristics that are associated with Michael Bay films were kept to, I would say, a “minimum.” They were there but weren’t shoved in one’s face like later films in his filmography. A good portion of slow-mo and plenty of explosions happening in the climax. I’m forgetting if I saw fireworks in there, but I’m entirely sure there wasn’t. However, I wouldn’t at all be surprised if they were there.

The plot was pretty straightforward. It went from point A to point B in a very linear and cliche fashion. There was the liar-reveal plotline which I’m still scratching my head as to why the captain would want to keep with that undercover plan of having the two detectives switch names. Why did Lowry and Burnett have to lie to Burnett’s wife? Could telling the truth have been simpler?

Outside of the classic “Bad Boys” track by Inner Circle, there were a few pieces that were nice. Primarily the title theme that played at the very beginning.

With a generic buddy-cop plot, the film was supplied with good performances as said prior. Smith and Lawrence’s relationship was a joy to watch and it made me want to continue watching the mediocrity all the way through. I say check it out if one wanted to see something funny, with some fine action, and doesn’t take itself seriously. Or if one wanted to see how this cult franchise started. Like me and I can say I’m glad I did.

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