Little Monsters (2019) Review




A kid-friendly field trip turns into bloody mayhem as zombies storm in to ruin the fun.

A hodgepodge of light-hearted and dark material that materializes into something that works and doesn’t.

The entire cast did well in their roles. Lupita Nyong’O as Miss Caroline was the best in that she was trying her absolute hardest in keeping the children in line and protecting them, at all costs. Josh Gad played this child star who revealed himself as a sex addict and he delivered some comedic moments especially when he was spouting out his opinions. Luckily, Nyong’O straighten him up.

Other comedic moments stemmed from either the main little boy, Felix. When he put on the Darth Vader costume, one knew things were about to go down. The military themselves had a few lines of dialogue that made me laugh quite a bit. Like when the general questioned if he was going in the good news or bad news room.

Many of the zombies looked fine, in terms of the practical make-up. There was a fair amount of gore which was cool.

Parts of the movie felt like a rom-com and it wasn’t played in the freshest approach. Like one knew that the main guy (Dave) and the main girl were going to get together in the end. There was a part where the pace came to an unnecessary long halt where the two were sharing each other’s backstories. One knew Dave was going to redeem himself and not be such a jerk by the end.

Now the biggest joke that the movie was giving was the juxtaposition of blending light and dark material on the screen. I would say it worked in some scenes like when the camera pan to the right to reveal the military entrance right next to the sign of the film’s primary location. Other times though it doesn’t, for the film seemingly must be targeted for some folk who hate children. A few characters in the movie complained about how they hated kids and it was getting to the point of annoyance for me.

I wished the movie could have been funnier because a majority of the jokes only generated chuckles with an occasional rather funny moment. Some things were left unexplained or they just simply happened for no logical reason. Like the zombies “very” patiently watching the children listening to the guitar playing. In the climax, the zombies sing along to children’s tunes.

“Little Monsters,” a decent B-movie that threw in some fun child, zombie humor. While it may not have blended the two genres in a clean manner, it did generate enough excitement to keep one entertained for the cutesy yet grisly ride. Even if the results were rather mixed.

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