Good Time (2017) Review

good time



A brother goes through the ride of his life to bail his brother out of jail.

From the directors that brought “Uncut Gems,” I took a view of the predecessor a few years back that has some of the same good qualities.

Many of the performances were really good. Robert Pattinson had the look of a man who would do anything to get what he wanted even it placed the people around him in harm’s way. He and a few others delivered that same fast New York City accent speech that was present in “Uncut Gems.” It was this that made me believe, for the most part, that these would be real conversations.

Continuing on the “Uncut Gems” similarities, the entire film was a fast-pace and intense-thrill ride. Things were always moving forward when it came to situations unfolding and occurring on-screen. The camera work was executed very well at keeping the momentum at a constant flow. It wasn’t overly excessive, but it was the right amount where one could watch it and understand the active energy nicely.  Underneath all of that was the nice, retro synth music that played.

In addition, the plot would throw surprises once in a while to keep the viewer guessing on what will happen. Though I believe in one or two occasions, it came off as a convenience. For when the character of Ray was expositing his background for quite some time and Pattinson’s character, Connie, overheard something about money within the story.

Of the thrilling nature of the film, it did hamper on having a connection with any character. A lot of the characters were not too kind and came off as complete jerks with little to no redeeming aspects. This went hand-in-hand with Connie definitely. Characters in “Uncut Gems” weren’t that nice either but there was at least a fun factor to them. They had enough charisma in their bad attitudes to make one enjoy them.

Relationships between characters were lacking as well. There most certainly needed to be more time with the relationship between Connie and his brother, Nick. It makes me kind of wish that the movie didn’t do the switcharoo and have Connie break out Nick from the hospital for real; so that their dynamic would evolve into something toxic and eventually fizzle out by the end. Nick would find redemption and abandon his brother’s criminal tendencies.

Now I will give the movie credit at planting seeds throughout, on how the relationship was strained. Whether it was through the therapy secessions or the news that came on the t.v, it was subtle in a fine fashion. But with a majority of focus placed on Connie, it was hard to get to know Nick’s character and/or what he truly felt about the actions he was committing.

One major plothole I distinctly remember was the cops not recognizing Connie while at the amusement park. They don’t realize that this guy was all over the news and yet they don’t see it at all.

While “Uncut Gems” was superior in a number of ways, this one shouldn’t be skipped. Despite not having the fun factor, “Good Time” delivered a thrilling and enjoyable enough film that showcased great performances. The Safdie Brothers definitely are talented directors and ones that are my watchlists for future releases.

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