Project Power (2020) Review


RATING: 2.5/5


An ex-veteran needs to stop the underground operation of a super-pill which could lead to the disappearance of his daughter.

It had the “power”, no pun intended, to be something more. But unfortunately, it stayed on the safe route.

Performances were pretty good, mainly from the three main stars. Jaime Foxx (Art) and Joseph Gordan-Levitt (Frank) were nice. The main actress, played by Dominique Fishback (Robin), was good. Definitely, a person to look out for in the near future. Individually they were fun to watch and there was some nice dialogue between the three. They do best with the material given. The funniest moment for me was when Frank was saving Robin’s mother. How he played it off so natural and quick-like to save her was hilarious.

That can’t be said for the villains who were pretty generic, bland, and in a few moments, a tad silly.

MGK was in here, which he played, a street punk. A shocker, I know. I swear that seems to be his type of role these days when it comes to his acting career.

The action displayed was decent. There was a fine little chase sequence near the beginning and there was a pretty cool one where the camera did a 360, showcasing Foxx whooping everyone in the villain hideout. Another neat little scene was Levitt fighting against the bendy/stretchy henchmen in the climax.

Visually speaking, I guess it was somewhat interesting to witness the feelings/emotions a person was experiencing upon taking the super-pills. Images that were related to the power within the pill was showcased on-screen. The effects overall were, alright. A few fared better than others, while a few turned out pretty bad. Like when the one bad guy (Biggie) took a pill and turned into a Hulk/Abomination-type character, it didn’t look impressive.

The way the film started and played out was a recipe for things to go bad. The biggest problem with the first act was the pacing, it went by fast. At the very start, one was already introduced to Biggie giving the pills to street kids and suddenly the film jumped ahead one month. Thus, one doesn’t get proper development of the things that went down in between that time frame. Well, one did, but only through radio calls that the film sprinkled in a few moments. An example of how a film should “show,” not tell. But what the film showed instead, was lacking. It would have been cool to see more underground operations. It be cool to see a fight between a group of super-powered gangs fighting against the cops. Or maybe a couple gangs got into disagreements and wage war against each other. The movie doesn’t take full advantage of its plot, which by the way, was filled with inconsistencies and holes.

Why did the henchmen let Foxx go? He couldn’t have easily grabbed the pill out of his mouth. Both he and Levitt fool too many henchmen with their innocent guy personas. Why is Levitt’s sole power harden skin every time he took the pills? The same goes for MGK and his fire abilities. That goes back to the concept of having some potential, but it turned out sloppy and not properly developed. It would have been cool to see Levitt have a different set of powers, each time he used a separate pill. Thus making the climax less predictable.

“Project Power,” had the power, to be something enjoyable in the very least. With its good/enjoyable performances from the three leads, decent action, and decent visuals, those aspects along with the concepts were there. Though the predictable and ill-conceived plot drowned it down. Would I be interested in a sequel? I wouldn’t mind it I suppose. It needs to have better world-building though. If it gets that, then maybe.

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