Godzilla vs Kong (2021) Review

RATING: 2.5/5

Two of the biggest monster stars in the world come back after nearly 60 years.

Offers the best and worst of the MonsterVerse.

The movie was definitely the most ambitious out of the MonsterVerse as far as the visuals. Being hinted at in the previous entry, this one finally dived into the Hollow Earth. When it came to the entrance, which was very trippy and hypnotic, the environments and the creatures that lived in it, it was all very cool and fascinating. Easily my favorite section of the movie because its something one hasn’t seen in a kaiju movie for quite some time. It’s also something new for Kong, who has always fought in environments such as Skull Island or the City. Seeing him floating up in the air to land on the ceiling as the gravity reversed, was definitely something worth seeing.

The mythology on how Titans operate in the world was, interesting. The whole coliseum, church, or kingdom bit added layers on how the Titans get together to serve whoever the King or Queen of the Monsters was. The thought of the monsters sitting down and cheering on whoever is on the throne is kind of silly, but it is unique and I wish it wasn’t destroyed in the end. Because I would have liked to have seen that unfold in the future. I mean the scale of the palace was massive. Kong himself was the size of a human entering inside. That was how massive it was.

The effects were executed very well. The level of detail within the Hollow Earth was great. The detail on all of the monsters/creatures presented were really good. The designs of the Hollow Earth animals were, for the most part, good. I liked the Warbat and the Hellhawks and how they interacted with Kong and the humans.

For the fights between Godzilla and Kong, in my opinion, the best out of the MonsterVerse. For starters, one could see clearly what was happening and the cinematography in these scenes were really good to get one up-close to the action. There was a point or two where it felt liked I was on a rollercoaster. There wasn’t too much cutting away to the humans, as the movie would do a good job at keeping the focus on what was important.

The fights themselves were amazing and memorable, especially the Hong Kong fight. The city was so cool with the neon lights, reminding one of “Pacific Rim.” The fight itself had many memorable moments. Godzilla shooting Kong out of the sky with his atomic breath, Godzilla shooting his atomic breath while Kong dodges it, Kong using smarts to get the drop on Godzilla, and while I’m questioning Godzilla evilly laughing, I kind of liked it. It did add character and personality. The part where it climaxed and where I really started to feel the brutality was when both monsters starting clawing at each other and breaking each other’s bones. The sound of the bones popping out of the sockets really took me by surprise. All of this ends with a a glorious moment when the two roar in each other’s face. So good. My adrenaline was pumping. However, that would very, very soon, drop, dramatically, unfortunately. Mechagodzilla. (Slow clap)

Now, I don’t hate MG. I dug the Showa, Millennium, and also the one used in “Ready Player One.” It’s not the worst, nothing can top the anime. But the design overall was alright. What’s interesting was the director of the movie, Adam Wingard, recently said in an interview that he didn’t want the design to evoke similar vibes to the modern Transformers. (Me looking at MG and the Dinobots). Yeah, yeah, I think a redesign was surely needed. I wished it had more of the Toho feel instead of being heavily inspired by the many robotic characters used in American action movies today.

His presence in the movie was not needed in my eyes. The fight itself, between him, Godzilla and Kong, was not enjoyable as the previous two. It seemed like the film knew it wasn’t that interesting as it would cut away to the humans more than a few times. MG was too OP when fighting Godzilla. Though to be fair Godzilla was still healing from his fight with Kong. But why didn’t MG use that OPness toward Kong? I guess MG wanted to play things soft and die fairly fast from Kong’s axe.

I wanted the movie focused on Godzilla and Kong. But no instead the movie wanted to take pointers from “Batman V Superman.” A movie that failed Warner Brothers financially with its historic second weekend at the time. MG was pretty much Doomsday, uninteresting and albeit, boring. Honestly I wished the movie would have gone the route of MG being controlled by the Ghidorah brain. Sure it would lessen the Godzilla identity, but it would have been quite a spin at least. MG needed to be saved for something later down the line. Though, with the case of the MonsterVerse, it’s unknown. Which was why I guess Wingard believed it was a good idea to make the film feel like it was the last.

I mentioned the Hollow Earth stadium getting destroyed and their others too. The movie would make references to the past MonsterVerse films a fair number of times and they were neat to see, as well as the references to the Toho movies. During the opening credits, I noticed X’s being laid out on top of the monsters seen from “Godzilla: King of the Monsters.” Did the Titan plague sweep the planet? I’m aware tie-in comics exist, but for average movie-goers, they wouldn’t know and ask questions like that one. What happened during the five-year gap? Are Godzilla and Kong the only surface Kaiju? I mean I’m sure they’re not, but the film doesn’t really bring forth that notion. The whole vibe I got, from all of this, was that movie was being this grand conclusion to the MonsterVerse. Though with the terrible and very abrupt ending, I wish it was handled a lot better. These decisions honestly made me feel like the writers written themselves in a corner. Because what happens if the movie is successful and the franchise wants to continue, then what?

When it came to the humans, they were alright. The same went for their performances. The best I would say was Jia. Her relationship with Kong brought the most emotion to the movie and it was not too bad. I liked the parallels the two had and I wished it was explored visually rather than being told. The worst and most pointless was Ren Serizawa. I mean the movie truly butchered the character, especially since he was the son of Ishiro Serizawa. Which granted he wasn’t a great character, but had interesting moments here and there. But it was an absolute waste for him in this movie. I mean the potential was there, but it was never reached, at all. The comic-relief character of Bernie Hayes, played by Brian Tyree Henry, offered some funny bits and I did get a chuckle.

I really wanted to like the movie more. I mean it offered the best fights, the best effects, and the best visuals out of the MonsterVerse. Though if it is going to be last, then why did the movie have to feel like the last? Warner Brothers wish to honor the “greatness” that was “Batman V Superman” and transfer that success here. It was too big for its britches, there was material that was definitely unneeded/needed, and there were a couple times where it didn’t know what kind of story it wanted to tell. While the movie did exceed in some areas, the original is still a classic and will never be beaten.

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