The Green Knight (2021) Review

RATING: 2.5/5

A rising knight heads on a lone quest to find the courage within as he finds the Green Knight.

A review coming from a non-fantasy guy. So, watch out.

Performances all around were really good. Even if there were times where the English accent was hard to comprehend clearly, every actor/actress did a solid job.

From a production standpoint, it was so well done. I really love the effects of the Green Knight himself. The practical make-up on him was superb. The CGI that was utilized was cheep-looking, like I didn’t buy for a second the fox was there.

Continuing on with practical, the sets and production design looked cool. I believe one of the reasons for that was the film’s nice cinematography. I loved the scenes that featured fog. It added a mystical and eerie feel, which for this fantasy film, worked. There was gorgeous scenery to look at whenever the camera would nicely pan or track either the environment or a character within a scene.

As far as the characters go, I could honestly say I didn’t really care too much for them. There was intrigue for Sir Gawain toward the end when he saw the visions in his head toward the end. The Green Knight had a great introduction and the lore surrounding him was interesting. But for the rest of the cast, they weren’t given enough development for me to latch on or remember their names.

It especially didn’t help with the beginning. The editing and pacing felt very off to me in the first act. There would be quick cuts resulting in the pace going rather quickly. The editing showcased seemed more appropriate when making a trailer.

How the movie was presented was interesting. There would be times where text would pop-up foreshadowing of what was to come in a scene. I kind of liked it as it was almost like one was watching the book the film was based on.

Now I think the biggest problem for me was how the story was paced. I got to say I was a little bored. Not completely, my attention was there. But because of how the first act started, it made things difficult for me to latch onto Gawain and his journey. Like I didn’t care too much when he was looted, I didn’t feel for him when he was surviving on scraps in the wilderness, and I wasn’t cheering him on throughout. Again, the pacing affected this dearly. It was pretty slow and dragging. I don’t feel like the movie needed to be over two hours as the main character was not too interesting.

Going back to the looting portion, exactly what happened to the looters? I would assume they died, since Gawain would magically get his items back. But the movie didn’t establish that notion. It was more of a mystery.

So, yeah, this acclaimed movie didn’t do it for me. I like some fantasy, but it’s not my number one. Even with solid performances, well done cinematography, and nicely-crafted effects/designs, pacing and character were the main faults. If one doesn’t root for the main character, why must the journey feel long?

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