Shazam (2019) Review

RATING: 2.5/5

A foster teen is given powers by a wizard to stop the seven deadly sins from taking over the world.

I like the light-hearted dceu more than the dark, but this, maybe it was a bit much.

Performances throughout were fine. There wasn’t a character in this that I loved or hated, most of them were fine. I’ll say the best character was the handicapped child, Freddy. Even though I found him a tad annoying at certain moments, the scenes with him and Shazam were fun to watch.

The action scenes were alright. I will say the best fights took place during the climax. There wasn’t anything that blew me away.

As far as the comedy, sometimes it’ll work and sometimes it’ll fall flat. Like there would be scenes where jokes might be too cheesy or too childish.

The effects, oh boy, they were particularly bad for the most part. Especially when the seven deadly sins first came into the picture. But other times, there were nice to see like when Shazam would shoot out lightning.

I think my biggest problem with the movie was the plot. It was by the numbers and one can easily predict what would happen next. More times than not I predicted what would happen in the next scene and sure enough, it happened. Like the direction was very easy to follow and very easy to see forward. There weren’t any good twists or surprises. Like the truth bomb with Shazam’s mom wasn’t that surprising.

Another big problem was the tone. Now again, I’m more interested in the light-hearted tone with some of the dceu movies have. But how it was presented here, if some of the violence and adult stuff were toned down, I could definitely see this being a kids movie. The whole general vibe, as I was watching, it seemed like something that would be played on tv or a made-to-DVD movie for children. I don’t know, the direction and type of humor made me asked that question.

“Shazam,” is a pretty average comic book movie. I maybe in the minority for saying that, but it wasn’t fully for me. There is enjoyment in this for sure, but I wasn’t onboard with the tone and direction that the movie showcased.

YouTube: LoneCentric Pictures/Tk Theater Productions

Instagram: lone_centric/tk_theater

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