Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings (2021) Review

RATING: 2.5/5

A hidden warrior has to return to his homeland to confront his past and stop it from destroying the world.

A middling flick with cool things intermixed.

Performances throughout were fine. A vast of majority of the characters weren’t written well to leave a lasting impact afterwards. I would say the best character moments had to have been the relationship scenes between Shang and his father, Wenwu. The growth of their entire family was shown nicely from start to finish. One could get a clear grasp as to why the father was doing what he was doing.

When it came to the worst character moments, they mainly came from the two leading ladies. Awkwafina was kind of annoying in her role, even though she did get a few chuckles. The other was Shang-Chi’s sister, Xialing. She started off interesting, but as the film progressed, her character seemed to take a step backward. As most of her scenes in the second half, it looked as if she would be a character that reacted to things without saying anything. In addition, her development felt lacking while Shang was showcased in the forefront.

The best thing that the film had to offer were the fight scenes. The scenes on the bus and in the building in Macau were the most entertaining. With its swift, fast-paced, and fluid choreographed martial arts, these were a highlight. Dare I say, one of the best fight scenes out of the entire MCU. The music during the bus scene really pumped me.

While the fights early on were really fun, the climax was a drag. The fight between Shang and Wenwu was uninspired especially with the dull background they were fighting in. There was no martial arts used, instead it was more or less energy attacks. I also should be excited for that this movie introduced giant monsters, but the fights between them weren’t that cool. What killed it were the cinematography being way too close to the action and the editing at times being frantic. These scenes were way too busy and one couldn’t make a lick of sense of what was happening.

Outside of the climax fights, the rest of the visuals in the movie were beautiful and serene. Colors definitely popped when the main characters traveled to the mystical land of Ta Lo. I wish the movie could have explored more of the land as it focused on a single portion of the world.

The humor was mixed as there were points where it worked and other times where it felt needless.

While definitely not on par with the worst MCU movies, it’s still not a significant upgrade. A movie that could have been solid if the fun momentum was pushed more into the second half, to which I feel was the part where I was the least invested. It didn’t grab me as the first with its cool fights, pretty visuals, and some nice character moments. Though the movie didn’t impress me greatly, it was still a project that deserves a watch.

YouTube: LoneCentric Pictures/Tk Theater Productions

Insta: lone_centric/tk_theater

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