Fantasy Island (2020) Review




Five people are invited to an island that seemingly makes anyone’s wishes come true. But it is not long when they realize the fantasy is more horrifying than what it appears to be.

I can understand why “Blumhouse” would want to put their name in the title. This is a horror reimagining of the show that came out years ago. I get that. Though that probably wasn’t the best idea.

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Black Christmas (1974) Review




Strange phone calls lead to mysterious disappearances and deaths in one sorority girl dorm during the holiday season.

With the second remake being a disaster, I HAD to go check out the original as soon as possible. To which it was a simple yet satisfying slasher flick.

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Black Christmas (2019) Review


RATING: .5/5


A group of college girls is attacked when masked killers come to their dorm.

You know, I haven’t seen the original 1974 film, but I can say now that I’m most looking forward to it. Because frankly, this remake left a bad taste in my mouth. Oh boy, it did.

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