Uncle Sam (1996) Review

RATING: 1/5 An undead soldier comes back to life to dress as Uncle Sam to fight off unpatriotic people. I was expecting cheese, but sadly, there wasn’t enough. The acting, oh boy. How the general/sergeant at the beginning talked, with his over-the-top gruff voice, perfectly set the stage. This was the thing that was theContinue reading “Uncle Sam (1996) Review”

Poultrygeist (2006) Review

RATING: 3.5/5 [SPOILERS] A fast-food establishment learns the hard way when the spirits of Native Americans merge with the chicken for revenge. From there, chaos and looniness ensue. One of the most popular movies within the “Troma Entertainment,” this is one that definitely has its fans who are looking for good-ole Z-grade amusement.

The Abomination (1986) Review

RATING: .5/5 SPOILERS After a mother coughs up a tumor, it brainwashes the son into killing many people for food. The wonders one finds while on YouTube. I randomly saw the trailer of this many years ago and I was confused yet fascinated by what I was watching. Finally, I now had the chance toContinue reading “The Abomination (1986) Review”