Old (2021) Review

RATING: 1.5/5 A normal vacation turns into absolute hell for hotel guests as they start to age rapidly. Interesting premise on the surface, dumbfounded within. The first act, I’ll say was, decent enough. The pace was nice at building the interesting premise. One got introduced to the characters and their personality types. The buildup toContinue reading “Old (2021) Review”

Up (2009) Review

RATING: 4.5/5 A grumpy old man’s dream of fulfilling his deceased wife’s dream is overcome with many obstacles that gradually bring life into him. A movie that brings in the feels for sure. The opening, needs no introduction. Everybody had talked about how perfect it was and, yes, it was perfect. As far as theContinue reading “Up (2009) Review”

A Quiet Place 2 (2021) Review

RATING: 3.5/5 Picking up immediately after the events from the film prior, the Abbott family leave their home to find survivors and hope. SO GOOD, to FINALLY be back in the theater. To be back and watch a good movie. Compared to the intro from the first, I got to say I prefer the oneContinue reading “A Quiet Place 2 (2021) Review”

Wall-E (2008) Review

RATING: 4/5 A small, compactor robot gets a visit from a female robot from a ship light-years away. The robot pursues her on a space-faring journey through the stars. The first half of the movie, from the opening credits to when Wall-E reached the Axiom ship, was superb. Everything from the mood, setting, interactions, music,Continue reading “Wall-E (2008) Review”